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User Reviews for Tri-Lo-Sprintec

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Tri-Lo-Sprintec Rating Summary

7.5/10 Average Rating

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Reviews for Tri-Lo-Sprintec to treat Birth Control

"I have been taking this pill for three years now, my doctor switched me over to it from Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo due to the cost. At first I really enjoyed this pill, no significant changes at all, no weight gain, no moodiness, no appetite change. Everything was fine. The last year and a half, I have noticed a difference and I hate this pill now. It has decreased my sex drive to absolutely zero. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 in a half years and I have no desire to do anything with him. It has made me miserable and extremely emotional all of the time. I feel depressed and get angry very easily. The only upside to this pill is that my period lasts for two days and then it's over. I will be switching immediately it's ruining my relationship"


Jamiieson December 4, 2014

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"I don't have anything to complain about besides a big decrease in appetite, which is good and bad. It helps me eat healthier and eat the right portions but I almost feel like I have to force myself to eat now and I Love food. So I've ended up shedding a few pounds which I'm already tiny enough. But besides only a little spotting and my first period was shortened and minor cramping, its working out fine for me! I was on Lo estrin prior and that made me feel a little moody and emotional and brought down my sex drive as well."


CassieCatt (taken for 1 to 6 months) April 23, 2013

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"When I was 18 the first time I saw a gyno she prescribed me Tri Lo Sprintec. She gave me a packet of Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo which I think the pharmacist said it was basically the same thing. For both I had no problem. To start off, I never really had bad cramps or anything major and I definitely didn't feel anything after starting birth control. After the price for Tri Lo-Sprintec went up I got off of it. I am about to go on Tri sprintec which my doctor said it's just a little higher dosage so that's probably where all those other symptoms come from (nausea, mood swings, acne, weight gain). As for everyone else who has been experiencing these symptoms, they are also very common when you PMS, except for the nausea but mainly I think it's psychological."


Anonymous March 14, 2011

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"Other than some vaginal dryness, which I am prone to anyway, I didn't have any side effects with Tri-Lo-Sprintec, and I'm super disappointed that you can't get it anymore. I took it for 10 months without any trouble."


Anonymous December 29, 2010

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"As far as effectiveness, I did not get pregnant while taking this medication. However, I experienced so many side effects I eventually stopped taking it and switched back to Ortho-tri-lo. I experienced problems with mood swings, irritability, anxiety (racing heart and anxious feelings for no reasons), depression, cramps, spotting, headaches, decreased sex drive, weight gain, breast/nipple tenderness and vaginal irritation. All of these are side effects I had never experienced with Ortho, so I switched back and have little to no side effects. It definitely was not worth the money saved because it made me feel like a crazy person and I really did not have control over my emotions, I would experience all extremes especially anger and crying."


Anonymous January 14, 2010

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"I have been using Tri-Sprintec Lo for about 2 weeks after switching from the Nuvaring. I have had many symptoms from it. I have been breaking out with acne on my chest and a few on my face. Which I never had a problem with any acne before. I have had breast tenderness, and occasional cramps, few headaches. I have also noticed that my hair has been shedding a lot more than usual and noticed that is a bad side effect. I rather have these symptoms than the ones I have had with the Nuvaring. I was having something similar to hot flashes. I am going to call my doctor today and ask about it. I am going to try this one for about 2 months like I did the Nuvaring and if it doesn't change then I will try something else."


Victoria from Ga November 30, 2009

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