Hi there,
I know some breeders will inbreed for different reasons but I am not filmilar with why they do it ect

I was wondering though if this happened to 2 of your dogs that were half brother and sister and was an accident and you were not preparing for this litter would you still sell the pups and not tell any potencial buyers about what "could happen" regarding any health problems down the road?

We are in this situation right now and our dog before she was even a year old developed glaucoma and lens luxations which we have been told that her glaucoma is primary (herediatry/inherited)
She has since had to have one eye removed and has very limited visability in the other and it also will eventually need to be removed once the meds stop controlling the pressures.

The breeder never told us and when i found out on my own thru some research she did not deny but would only say it was an accident and she was either going to drown them at birth or sell them and hope for the best.

Just wondering if this is somehting that should have been told to us up front and let us do some research and decide whether we wanted to take any chances of somehting going wrong with our pup?
We love her to death now (she is 2) and will continue to love her as long as we can.

Any breeders ever been in this situation of having an accidental litter and if so what would you tell buyers?