I came here a month or so back to come off suboxone. I used Robert's taper method and found support of some good people. I took my last dose 14 days ago and I was too sick to even log on for 8-10 days. BUT you have to be sick,no matter the taper but I never thought that by day 11 I would turn the corner and although I still am not sleeping at night much and I have almost no energy (comes in sputs) and I feel every muscle in my body (hot bathes and massege or heating pad) along with 1 benedryl every 4 hrs (no benedryl for about 4 days now) I AM LOVING IT ! I am getting my life back, I can look in the mirror and crack a smile...I knew I was still in there somewhere. Suboxone does help get you clean but it's also a drug, it's does get you high,it does make you feel different and it controls you the same, when am I gonna run out? How do I get $$ for dr? How long can I keep this up YES its costs less than most habits but still between dr visits and meds about 100 a week for me here in fla. YOU CAN DO THIS I PROMISE> use the taper method, come here and talk when you can, everyday you think you can't do it STOP and think of who is in control....YOU are and you will love yourself more and feel better in the long run. My history is different than some, and alot like many others. I started pain meds ,muscle relaxers and anti-anxiety etc almost 20yrs ago after my Mom passed away and I was in a bad car accident. When I ran out I found it elsewhere. My best friend of 35 yrs shot herself 13mos and 4 days ago. She was on alot of meds too,then menopause and she lost herself. So many people loved her and tried to help,my Dad passed away 2 days before she killed herself, I spoke her for over and hour the day in between their deaths, she said she loved me and she be there for me. She could be, but I knew menopause was around the corner for me and I had a choice.....LOSE MYSELF or LOVE MYSELF, I choose love. The pain of my loss,after being medicated on suboxone and ambien for the last 12 months is gonna coming crashing back I know and I think I will be ok. YOU CAN DO THIS< IF I CAN MAKE IT YOU CAN TOO>