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New here - Percocet Withdrawal help ...
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    Red face New here - Percocet Withdrawal help ...

    Hey everyone

    I know this might sound lame but I would really like some advice with it. I suffer from Fibromyalgia (chronic pain) and have tried just about everything out there to try to alleviate it. It's been 11 years, but for the past 3 years I have settled on just 2 5mg/325 percocets a day. I know that's not a lot, compared with what some people take, but it takes off the edge and that's all I can do if I don't want to get addicted to much worse (not that they'd prescribe more). I know I'm addicted though - even at that low dose.

    I've moved now and have started with a new doctor. He said last time I saw him, he doesn't think 'percs' are the best and he'd like to try something new. I've already tried them all and I'm as content as I suppose I'll ever be.

    I'm worried that he's going to take me off these and prescribe something else like neurontin/gabapentin (which made me sick). Just wondering if anyone has gone off this low a dose and has had problems with withdrawal and if so, what I could ask my doctor for help with so that I can weather the storm. I know I can't function until I take a percocet in the morning - so I can't imagine it's going to be easy.

    Thanks for any advice

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    I am sorry you're facing this. I understand how you feel I can't help with any advice, I just wanted you to know you've been heard.

    Hopefully in the past three years they've come up with something new to treat your fibro and slow down the pain.

    Maybe I'm wrong in saying this but dang, how harmless can it be if you're just taking two pills a day, not increasing your dose, not interfering with your life.

    Good luck, I hope someone steps in and offers something.

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