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Methadone taper plan?
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    Default Methadone taper plan?

    I have a question or rather need opinions on my taper plan off methadone. I am currently on 12.5mg every other day. I started off at 20mg a day for a year, then went three days cold turkey with taking nothing which was hell, then started with 15mg every other day for two weeks, then went down to 12.5mg every other day for two week. I plan on going down 2.5mg every 2 weeks until I am at 2.5mg for two weeks then jump off. I have 10mg pills so I am unable to cut them any smaller than 2.5mg. The first 24hrs after my dose I feel ok with very mild withdrawal symptoms like runny noise and a little tossing and turning in my sleep and a little run down. By the 48hr mark I am further into withdrawal with muscle aches, anxiety and all the other symptoms besides nausea. It is bad, but not as unbearable and I know I can take my dose soon to alleviate all these symptoms. I guess my question is does this make any sense doing it this way if I can handle every other day? I want to give my body time to adjust to the change chemically and can not see taking the medication every day when I am trying to break the habit both physically and mentally. If the withdrawal becomes more sever as the mg’s lesson as I read can happen, I will start to dose every 24hrs if needed. I have searched for a taper plan with dosing every 48hrs and haven’t found anything. I just dont want to be doing more harm than good. Any comments? Thank

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    I don't think your doing more harm then good, sounds like a pretty solid and effective taper to me. I came off 130 mgs --> 30 mgs to get onto suboxone. It won't be without symptoms and its a tough drug to come off. I respect your will power cause if I had Methadone pills I would not be able to wean myself off them! I think your doing fine. Others may disagree,

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