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Help identifing pill found in my gf purse
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    Default Help identifing pill found in my gf purse

    The bill is midnight blue and oblong with OC on one side and 160 on the other side. I know oxycontin, but as far as I know they do not make a 160mg strength oxy. Please advise?

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    It is 160mg Oxycontin, Purdue doesn't make these anymore and pulled them shortly after they came out, too many people were ODing.


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    yeah, it is a 160mg OC. I'd be curious as to how she got it though. Does she or any of her friends/family work in the health field (IE: nursing home, hospital, etc)? Those are really only given to people on their death bed so chances are whomever she got it from stole it from a dying patient. As far as I know, they are not/were not ever prescribed as a "take-home" drug. They don't write prescriptions of them to people with a broken wrist. Those were only given to patients as they layed in a hospital bed (or nursing home), mostly to people with cancer or a painful, terminal disease as they are on their way out. It's meant to make their last few moments on Earth as comfortable as possible.

    I may be mistaken but I'm a paramedic and have never seen them written as a take home script for anything. Like I said, I've only witnessed them given one at a time by doctors for dying patients.

    If she has access to these, you need to watch out for her. If she has this much of a problem where she is taking 160mg at a time, it is time to stage an intervention or just flat out convince her to get help. As I'm sure your aware as well as everyone else here is, Oxycontin is highly addictive and she did not just start taking 160mg at a time overnight. It was a progression where she probably started with 10mg and worked her way up as her tolerance built up. These meds will kill her. I lost my cousin to prescription drug abuse. He was doing about 200mg a day. It's not just the addiction either. Most people can't afford their habit, so they end up stealing, selling drugs or even prostitution just to get their daily fix.

    Again, I lost my cousin to this "disease". While you or your gf's lives are non of my business, I am trying to offer you some suggestions as well as make you more aware of what could also be going on. You need to talk with her though if you haven't already, and try to get her some help. And if you have children together, it would probably be best to get them away from her temporarily until she gets help and the problem is solved. I'm not suggesting you kick her to the curb or move out and take the kid(s), but they shouldn't be around this kind of thing. Your gf needs you. Have them go to a month long camp, or "visit" their grandparents or aunt and uncle for a few weeks while Mommy goes on "vacation".

    I now take care of my "second cousin" Micheal, because his father is dead. He is only 3 and will never really know him. Everyday I wish to God I could go back and know what was going on so that we could've gotten him help. Instead though, I got a call while working (EMT) to his apartment building. I didn't know it was him who was hurt until I was greeted by his hysterical girlfriend at the door. She came home from work and her son was on the floor laying next to his Dad's body crying. He was only 11 Months old. I had to put my cousin into a bodybag and bring him to the morgue. I later learned that my cousin and his gf had been "partying" with Oxycontin (as well as other things) for about a year and a half. The only good thing that ever came out of this is that Micheal's mother is now clean and sober and a great Mom to her son. My point is NO CHILD SHOULD EVER have to endure that kind of tramatic experience, nor should any parent have to explain those circumstances to their kid later on in life.

    I hope for your sake, her sake and the kids (kids or not, really), you will take something out of the story of my loss. I wish you and her the best of luck, but I do hope you do something. I will keep you two in my prayers.

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