Hello Everyone,

I just want to start off by saying that i feel this forum is among the best in terms of people truly seeking a better lifestyle with their pain.

I have a problem. I have been seeing a wonderful pain management specialist out of manahawkin NJ for the last 3+ years. I knew right away i would love this doc because i was just beginning to cope with my pain causing major issues with my life. He asked to have my close family members get involved and started me off on a very low 5mg of methadone 3x per day. He also explained that i would be randomly drug tested to give me some motivation to keep away from many subconcious thoughts of self medicating. (i feel not enough doctors drug test imho). Anyhow I steadily increased by 2.5mg per 1-2months and after reaching 20mg 3x day found it to be too much and decreased to 15 to 17.5mg 3x. This was my comfort zone.

I really got my life on track and after 3+ years i am being forced to move due to losing my job. I will be moving near Savannah Georgia and was wondering if anyone knew of a good search method to find legitemate pain specialist who won't push anymore injections or nerve burnings on me as they've never worked in the past. Should i just go through my insurance company? If anyone has some ideas they would be greatly appreciated. I really dont want to lose any of the progress i've made these last 4 years.

Thanks- Tyler D.