Hiya im quite new to this site put a few posts on but not rly ad much response. I was extremely addicted ti tramadol takin roughly a hundred plus a wk and that doesnt include the tamazepam, dehydrocodiene, amitriptilyne, the list is endless. All these i was perscribed by my g.p and never ad to go to other sources to get my tablets. I could get them off my g.p constantly. Never any questions asked. Its been a very long hard lonely shamefull battle. Iv ad many very dark days. It took me a very long time to except i ad a massive problem. After many tears and guilt i knew i couldnt continue like i was. I just felt like i ad nowhere to turn. No one at all knew the full extent of my problem. I hid it very well. After nearly 5yrs on alot of tablets u learn to become very secretive. I never knew wen i was first put on the nasty tablets just how addictive they wer. My g.p never ever called me in for a review, he just plied me with pills for 5 yrs. I feel like iv been to hell & not out the other side yet. It took me a very long time to accept i was a addict. I finally found the strength to seek help. And was told very bluntly that if i continued as i was i would me dead within 3months. This was the shock factor i needed. Im currently on methadone & diazepam. I suffered a few time severe withdrawls. I rly thought i was dying. I feel so much guilt at what iv put the closest people around me through. And its a very lonely place sometimes. No matter how hard ppl try to understand, unless theyve lived it they cant ever fully understand how it affects us. I wish id never ever been put on tramadol. There nasty horrible pills. I just cant wait for this awful part of my life to be over. I just wana be me again x