Hi everyone. I guess I'm looking to see if anyone has had similar experiences and has some advice for me. So here it goes.

My boyfriend has depression and high anxiety, along with some insomnia. The doc prescribed him Trazadone (50mg) to help him with the sleeping problem. The 50 mg was working for a while, but within the past few months he's had to take two pills to get the same effect as the one. Since that has happened, his sex drive has gone way down. We moved into together 4 months ago and were probably having sex 2-3 times a week. I could wear things I knew he liked and he would be turned on instantly. Now, we have sex on average once every week. If it's more than that, it to me feels like it's forced. Kind of like he feels bad and is just doing it to prove something.

He's told me that it's not me, and most days I believe him. I've done research on the drug and have read that sexual side effects occur in some users. I don't want him to sacrifice his sleep and overall well-being in order to get his sex drive back...but some days it's hard to accept that this is how it is.

Has anyone ever gone through the same thing? Do you know of any meds that are similar to Trazadone, but with less chance of the decreased sex drive?