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Oblong White Pill, Labled, M357
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    Default Oblong White Pill, Labled, M357

    My Friend Says His Back Hurts Constantly. He Keeps Taking These Pills That Are White, Scored, Oblong, Imprinted With Code M357. He Takes Quite A Few Daily, And He Won't Tell Me What They Are. About Half Way Through The Dat , Taking These Pills Regularly, Like 10 Of Them Between 8am. & 1pm. He Doesn't Seem Like The Person I Knew. He Just Tells Me They ( The Pills ) Help The Nerves In His Back, So His Back Won't Hurt As Much. It Seems To Me That He Is Taking A Lot Of These. Anybody Know What They May Be ? Like I Said, They Are Imprinted With The Code M357.

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    they are hydrocodone. an opiate painkiller

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    Default I know what that pill is

    That medication is called Hydrocodone/Loritab. What he is probably taking is the lowest dose you can get, which are 5/500 mg/APAP. Do keep an eye on him though considering they can become habit forming.

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