If anyone is serious about becoming a medical transcriptionist or if they are already working as one, I would suggest that they purchase a Nurse's Drug Handbook put out by Lippincot. Also purchase a good medical dictionary. The drug handbook has all the abbreviations that you will need in the front of it. I was a medical transcriptionist at a very large hospital in Louisiana for many years. I am now retired. The hospital Medical Records Dept. had drug handbooks and also dictionaries. There was supposed to be one at each person's station but this was not always the case. Having my own books made my job so much easier. They lasted me for many years, I updated the drug handbook every three or four years. The cost of the books were very minimal compared to the help over the years that I got from them. Over the years I got to where I did not need them as much but I never got to the point that I did not need them at all. There is always new meds and new words popping up that you have never heard before.