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Child Medication Safety ACT S. 1390
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    Default Child Medication Safety ACT S. 1390

    I am very much in favor of the Child Medication Safety Act S. 1390

    Our 14 year old son Matthew is dead because of the pressure put on us by his school social worker to put him on Ritalin.

    We were even told that if we didn't take him to the doctor and get him on Ritalin that child protective services could charge us for educational and emotional neglect.

    "The Child Medication Safety Act. 1390
    May Move in the Next Few Weeks with your Help!

    What the act says: The Child Medication Safety Act.1390 simply states that teachers cannot require that a parent drug their child as a requisite of attending class.

    Please support our cause!!!! Parents everywhere need to act NOW!!! Everyone that wants to have his/her right to choose guaranteed please stand up with us, and fight for it!!!

    The Child Medication Safety Act S.1390 is in the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee. It is being stalled there since last July because of several groups (The National Association of School Psychologists for one) who have inundated the Senate with incorrect and misleading information regarding the bill language.

    What they are saying is that communication between a teacher and a parent regarding a child's behavior, academics, and any classroom observation will be jeopardized to some degree. To demonstrate that they are clearly off base, we note that the bill language itself states that in no way will this bill prohibit teacher observation regarding behavior or academics!!!!

    The bottom line is that we certainly do not mind communication between teachers and parents. WE, HOWEVER, DO NOT WANT TEACHERS TELLING US THAT WE HAVE TO DRUG OUR CHILDREN IF THEY ARE TO COME TO CLASS!!!!! Simply stated!!!

    We need to turn up the heat and unite our efforts in getting this important bill shoved ahead.

    Even if you have already e-mailed and or faxed your two Federal Senators from your state about co-sponsoring or supporting The Child Medication Safety Act of 2003 (S.1390), please do so AGAIN!!!! Massive amounts of faxes, e-mails and phone calls are needed now! Type in your zip code and move ahead!!! In addition to your e-mails or faxes to your Senators, Please e-mail/fax a copy of your letter to the following members of the Senate Leadership.

    The Honorable Bill Frist
    Senate Majority Leader
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    FAX: 202-228-1264
    PH: 202-224-3135

    The Honorable Mitch McConnell
    Senate Majority Whip
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    FAX: 202-224-2499
    PH: 202-224-2541

    The Honorable Rick Santorum
    Republican Conference Chair
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    FAX: 202-228-0604
    PH: 202-224-6324

    Additional Key Members of the House and Senate to get our message out to:

    U.S. Senators
    Judd Gregg (R-NH) - FAX: 202-228-5044 / PH: 202-224-5375

    Edward Kennedy (D-MA) - FAX: 202-224-2417 / PH: 202-224-4543

    Christopher Dodd (D-CT) - FAX: 202-224-1083 / PH: 202-224-2823

    Lamar Alexander (R-TN) - FAX: 202-228-3398 / PH: 202-224-4944
    John Ensign (R-NV) - FAX: 202-228-2193 / PH: 202-224-6244

    U.S. Representatives:

    Dennis Hastert (R-IL) FAX: 202-225-0697 / PH: 202-225-0600

    John Boehner (R-OH) FAX: 202-225-4527 / PH: 202-225-6205

    George Miller (D-CA) FAX: 202- 225-5609 / PH: 202-225-2095
    Max Burns (R-GA) 202-225-3377 / PH: 202-225-2823

    Michael Castle (R-DE) FAX: 202-225-2291 / PH: 202-225-4165

    Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) FAX: 202-225-5870 / PH: 202-225-4676

    It is crucial to take the time to reach as many of the above parties as possible. This might be our last chance in getting this bill to move.

    By taking this necessary step, you will also effectively counter any misleading information being spread solely as an attempt to halt our important efforts. Do not let groups threatened with the loss of financial incentives threaten your right to just say NO to drugs!!!!


    Thank You,
    Lawrence Smith
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