Hi -

I have been on Subutex for WAYYY too long - (I am getting help on another forum from an awesome member to help me get off this stuff) -
However - My husband and I NOW have Medicaid and he needs to get into a Drs. office ASAP being as we have been sharing my medication due to cost and I can't see my Dr. for another two weeks or more.
I went to my Psychiatrist the other day to get my script of Clonezpam, using my Medicaid card for the first time and my RX was covered. I asked the Pharmacist, (I have known him for years) if Medicaid covers Suboxone. He said "No". Welllll....I did some research online and found out that if I print out an authorization form and give it to my Sub Dr., I can get authorization from Medicaid (usually within a week) to get my Subutex for free or at a very low cost. I am working on that in the meantime.

We HAVE to get my husband into the Dr. very soon before we run out of meds. Yes - finances are an issue. I am trying to find a Doctor that takes Medicaid being as my Doctor does not. He takes it for EVERYTHING besides Sub therapy.
Does ANYONE out there know of any Drs. in my area, (even Tampa) whom takes Medicaid for SUB THERAPY? I know I can call the Doctors on the list from the Sub website but I am unable to reach almost half of them and am hoping someone in the area can guide me?? Thanks in advance!