Who is protecting those criminals and not publishing truth and what is truth?
There are houndred's offices that sell paranormal scams(astrology, medicine...), can Uri Geller read peoples
mind? Why is James Randi offering one million when Internet is full with documents on Vinko Rajic and his telepathy.
What about this?
"Vinko Rajic can use telepathy , he is maybe the only person that can use telepathy all the time , send
and receive voice and video on distance of few kilometer. It works all the time and 100% correct.

I think it is important for science and human kind to make research on Vinko's brain and find out how this works.
Vinko's telepathy manifest itself exact like "Schneider's first-rank symptoms".
I think it would be extremely important to find out what kind of waves transmit thoughts. Using
Vinkos brain I think it would be possible to find out how telepathy works and I think it would be possible to find out
if some Schizophrenics are telepathic to. "
Who has interest to have telepathy "not existing", and who has interest in sealing all those scams and show's on
scam's? Many people are loosing money because of all those scams, WHY?