WATER TAPERING - makes possible tiny reductions in medication.

*CAUTION* This method can ONLY be done with [u]tablets</u>. XR (extended release) versions of medications CANNOT use this method; it will lead to overdose.

Equipment needed:
a tall lab cylinder that holds 250 ml
a small lab cylinder that holds 10 ml
a dropper or syringe
a mortar and pestle
a small battery-operated mixer
a continuing supply of the med. you are using

Grind the tablet in the mortar and pestle.

Fill the tall lab cylinder to a predetermined amount of water. Use this same amount of water each time you make a reduction. The amount you start with will determine just how small the cut is. Another words the greater amount of water you use, the fewer medicine particles per ml will be suspended in it. The less water you use the greater the amount of medicine particles per ml will be suspended in it.

[u]How to determine the amount of cut you'll be making:</u>

Divide your dose by the milliliters of water you intend to use to find the amount of drug per 1 ml of water.


37.50mg Effexor tablet divided by 200ml of water = 0.1875mg per 1 ml of water.

37.50mg Effexor tablet divided by 150ml of water = 0.25mg per 1 ml of water.

Pour a little of the water in the cylinder onto the powdered drug and grind it some more. Then rinse the mortar into the battery-operated mixer, using the water in the cylinder until all of the powder in the mortar and on the pestle has gone into the mixer, as well as the rest of the water in the cylinder. The mortar will become colored from the dye used in the pills, do not be concerned about that.

Hit the spin button on the battery-operated mixer. This puts the drug particles into suspension in the water. There is no need for the pills to dissolve or be water soluble; putting the particles into suspension is sufficient to insure random dispersal for long enough to adjust your dosage.

While the mixer is still ON, take the dropper and remove a small amount of the water. Use the small lab cylinder to measure this amount to 1 ml. Discard this amount and drink the water that remains in the mixer. Then add a little more water from a cup and hit spin again to get all the residue out of the mixer and drink that. The next dose, repeat the process but discard 2mls of water and drink the rest.

The advantage to this method is that as long as you have a sufficient supply of tablets, you can reduce at your own rate and make tiny reductions. The brain doesn't differentiate between very small reductions of dose over a few days, but the cumulative cuts do add up so if you feel withdrawal setting in, STOP and let your body adjust.

Now all you have do is find the equipment. A Power Mixer can be obtained from www.bodybuilding.com. It's called the Personal Power Mixer. Or just go to www.Google.com and type in the words "Power Mixer", I'm sure you'll find lots of places that sell them and then you can look for the best price. The same thing goes for graduated cylinders and mortars and pestles. Here is website so you can at least see what they look like, www.pharmex.com.

Please note: I am not associated with or profit in any way from the above mentioned companies. I merely listed them so that you can see what the items look like. You can search for these products for yourself by simply typing in the item name on any search engine and find the best product and price.