I don't know the best place to post this so I'm asking this here. I started taking Erythromycin as a "precautionary measure" against an infection a week after a laparoscopy I had (I had a slight borderline temp and was still bleeding so doc was worried). However that night I started getting severe cramps, and have done ever since. I'm due for my next dose and am scared to take it in case its a side effect of the medication as its the most pain I've ever been in. Would this be the meds? Has anyone experienced this before? I've had an adverse reaction before where I was throwing up alot with it in the past.

I don't know if it's related but I didn't have stomach cramp when dr prescribed it, however she felt my tummy (and pressed near my incisions). Would it be this or more likely to be meds? I don't have a discharge from the incisions or ooze, I don't seem to smell anywhere... I don't think I have an infection, I just have an awful stomach/heartburn pains too, making me feel nauseas and also causing me to feel the need to ???? (and barely be able to)

Advice if poss?