I was on Seroquel then switched to Abilify, tappering from the Seroquel to the Abilify (there was a 4 day overlap). After being on the Abilify for 11 days I had to stop it due to side effects. The side effect which caused my Pdoc to have me stop the med was Joint Pain. In addition I couldn't and still can't get comfortable and I am still in pain.

I have been off the Abilify now for 4 days and I was wondering what type of withdrawal symptoms if any I may get.
I do have to call my pdoc today to see if I can get something for the pain so I can go back to work. I couldn't even stand for the 2 - 3 minutes it was taking to wash dishes, never mind walk 10 mins from where I park my car to the office. I could ask when I talk with him but I would rather know what if anything other may have experienced.