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Vicodin 5/500mg >> Oxycotain
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    Hello alright here is my question well first I'll tell you my problem I am having bad acheing / throbbing constent pain in my feet/ankles right now the first doctor thinks I have Lupus so im in the middle of my second opinon right now and its taking an extremely long time I go wendsday just to set up appointments for the many tests.. so anyways im in a lot of pain and when i go wednsday i want to be able to ask about better pain meds. Right now I am on Hydrocodone 5/500mg Vicodin and I take 2 pretty much every 6 hours for the pain.. but it doesn't really seem to help at all. a while back my mom had 3 pills of Oxycotain i don't know the like "vicodin" "type" of oxycotain it was but I am pretty sure they were 20 or 25mg and they worked a lot better and i only had to take one at a time even though things are worse now then when I used those. problem was they were my moms prescription and she only had 3 and i took them before i had the prescriptions for vicodin I was curious if anyone might know what else I could take or what else I can ask for a pain killer that would be stronger/better then vicodin because i took 2 tablets just an hour ago and still acheing in a lot of pain and really need to do something about it when I go see the doctor! ..thanks in advance for any advice!
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