Hi everyone! Newbie here and just thought I`d toss out this question above in the Topic line. I have been taking Premarin [5 Mgs. a day in divided doses] and Spironolactone [200 Mgs in divided doses]. I DO see a doctor etc...and simply had to ask this tho...I took Estrofem @ 2Mg. dose two times a day and saw little in results but when I recently switched to Premarin, which I heard is more harmfull to the liver, I had an enormous burst of breast growth almost immediately. I`m thinking of switching to an injectable Estradiol as this is easier to use [ less often anyway] and bypasses the liver, making it safer as well. I should be upfront and say that I have a chronic liver problem and thus seek the safest HRT treatment possible. My Endo. only suggests using Premarin period, which seems strange to me. I oder online, normally from Inhouse Pharmacy dot com, as I have no insurance. This is much more inexpensive than buying in the USA at the corner drug store. ADVICE?! Many thanks, Andrea Adams/NY State/USA

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