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    Default Benadryl

    Nursing Drug Guide from 2003 States that Benadryl should be used with caution in those with asthma attack. In another Drug book, I think it was Mosby's, it was totally contraindicated for acute asthmatic attack. I could find no where the reason for either. My enquiring mind wants to know why the hospital would prescribe this med. every 6 hours for someone who had come in with an acute asthma attack, and what should be my reasoning for holding it. Can't just say it's "contraindicated." Why is it? Esp. if the pt. has already been getting it.[:I]

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    There is a simple explanation for this, Asthma is very commonly caused by allergies and the best treatment for that is Benadryl. ( reduces swelling )
    My son and I have had severe asthma and the usual treatment is benadryl with prednisone ( if it is really bad they perscribe steroids, it helps alot ), albuteral and q-var ( inhalers ), and sometimes we had to nebulize him.
    But I do caution you to be careful with Ibuprofen, motrin and asprin containing things! My son and I both had severe asthma attacks when we took them! Use Tylenol!
    And throw away any Air freshners that are Airsol! These really hurt!

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