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  1. I need help....
  2. Pethidine Withdrawal
  3. Need advice about opiate treatment etc
  4. Suboxone - Worth it?
  5. Henry contact either 1
  6. Robert and Melinda
  7. Severe perk addiction. Need help please!
  8. Question for Robert, et al..re dose..
  9. Life after suboxone, how do you feel?
  10. New to forum..not so new to addictions and recovery!
  11. A question about Suboxone Taper
  12. Neurontin owns him
  13. An AMAZING thing just happened
  14. Pain Killer Addiction
  15. I am gone all day today
  16. no more abuse, no more addict!
  17. It can be done....
  18. Chantix
  19. Just need answers
  20. desperate times
  21. How long before suboxone is out of my system considering the following...
  22. Hydro/Oxy Home Detox - Have Questions
  23. Zoloft Really Bizzare Reaction
  24. return to pain management
  25. Suboxone - Self-Induction at home - Long but please read
  26. how long do subs stay in your system?
  27. Henry have we met????
  28. Colonoscopy in 3 days..on suboxone..
  29. I did it & love it
  30. Reality check really hurts
  31. HELP methadone is NOT FOR ME! Clinic not cooperating w/ decision!!
  32. Several false positives for morphine - not using. Help!
  33. I was given 2 subs
  34. Looking for Robert 325
  35. Trying to kick hydrocodone, still in pain...
  36. Help? I'm losing hope... Boyfriends an addict
  37. he was high again. . .i am at a loss
  38. Boyfriend addicted to Oxy's - do not know what to do...
  39. Salty's voyage - advice on percocet Taper
  40. Feels sooo GOOD to actually FEEL AGAIN
  41. Losing Hydrocodone tolerance completely
  42. Day 12 off Methadone
  43. I will NEVER preach or try & give bad advise
  44. experiences with rapid detox?
  45. Who said Yawning means your tired!!??
  47. I could use some advice
  48. Need Robert please!!!
  49. what to take between methadone and suboxone?? 72hrs going to be hell!
  50. suboxone doctor in ontario canada?? please help..
  51. I did not know pain meds make more pain & Xanax make more anxiety please help me..Tha
  52. New question on suboxone?????
  53. beat the withdrwals from opietes but now i have xanax problem
  54. terrifying twist in my marriage saga
  55. ~~ Advice needed...Fiance quit opiates...But I DIDN'T !!
  56. Day 7 jump off Methadone
  57. how to help a friend jump subs
  58. A day off subox - question for those with help from rob
  59. Help staying clean
  60. Need advice, adult daughter, oxycodone dependent
  61. Stuck on suboxone, need help!
  62. Husband's addiction i'm in over my head..
  63. Need Robert! Subutex induction/taper -
  64. Just a Point of Interest on Opiate withdrawl
  65. Medication for confidence
  66. Robert I have my bible out
  67. 18 pill taper advice
  68. Need encouragement on detoxing from Opiates
  69. Trying to get off hydros
  70. using suboxone to come off Methadone
  71. Tappering off 17mg of methadone now..
  72. Not Sure How Bad it Really Is
  73. Okay, methadone detox.
  74. tes, the Doc dangled the mthadone AGAIN, and I bit, cut off cold turkey.
  75. Stimulants, Addiction, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree...
  76. Here I go AGAIN
  77. I am praying that you feel better soon Robert~
  78. getting off methadone and paranoia
  79. Methadone->>>>>>-subs......HELLLLLLP
  80. I just quit taking Tramadol 2 days ago and I'm going through withdrawals
  81. Suboxone help?
  82. Find Roberts Comments, take it to heart - my 2 Cents (or 2mg) getting off suboxone
  83. cant take it anymore
  84. trusting my addict husband again
  85. I am so ashamed, I need help again, of course
  86. Opiate and Alcohol withdrawal >>. Benzo and Alcohol withdrawal
  87. xanax will ruin your life
  88. Hey everyone
  89. Children and Addiction
  90. suboxone covered by medicade?
  91. Robert or someone help with AMbien
  92. Help my with vicoprofen taper schedule ..
  93. Getting Tired
  94. Need advice for girlfriends roxy problem
  95. Can u take different SAO's help sub withdrawals
  96. Need encouragement - suboxone taper and struggling
  97. acupuncture and fibromyalgia?
  98. would love some opinions
  99. Frustrated with Doctors
  100. Xanax withdrawal
  101. Please help: xanax dosage question
  102. Help with caffeine withdrawal?
  103. Help!! question for anyone who can help me about subs??
  104. Trying to educate myself
  105. Pain Pump
  106. Is suboxone a good choice?
  107. any hope when dating an addict?
  108. What to expect, 2nd go round?
  109. Need Advice from someone with experience..
  110. A poll... worst day of w/d
  111. I can't believe this pain Doctor!
  112. C/T experiences w/smaller doses of vicodin/norco
  113. NEED support badly: microdoses of subs
  114. A quick update.
  115. Robert
  116. Right Way to show Tough Love
  117. How to know if you're being manipulated again........
  118. Did he overdose
  119. On the road to recovery :)
  120. New here, need help with saliva drug test PLZ.
  121. Found the source of my anxiety...maybe.
  122. Need suggestions
  123. PLEASE HELP. Started day 4 of CT.
  124. How are people getting these drugs???and surgery
  125. What do recovering addicts do for "Pick Me Up's?"
  126. Tried to skip day - failed.
  127. It is a battle for me to stick to this taper!
  128. HELP starting a short suboxone detox in the morning i need advice
  129. was i kidding myself?
  130. Finally quitting oxycontin
  131. Encouraging Update
  132. Cant believe this! I'm a COMPLETE idiot!
  133. Update..
  134. History of addiction. Do you have any?
  135. I have fallen once again..w/d
  136. Vicodin to fentanyl, need advice!!
  137. Its raining and I'm thinking about buying drugs, Help.
  138. Need Help Staying Strong
  139. Still clean 6 months and counting
  140. another pill head story?
  141. Need some Advice w/ Doc Situation...
  142. need advise about sub please help!
  143. In need of some advice/support !
  144. What I'm I doing wrong? Subs detox is the worst!
  145. cowildflower starts!
  146. My very short term suboxone detox
  147. Suboxone or oxy?
  148. Can Anyone Give An Old Addict Some Help?
  149. Looking for Mottam
  150. Day 1 from 4mg to 3mg
  151. Robert- Yes, a little help at the end!!
  152. What happens with a large tramadol overdose ?
  153. I need help , my story! Opiate addiction
  154. Just want to say thanks
  155. Day 14 Clean. My stomach. and Screen Name
  156. Has anyone had an medical emergency while on Subutex and had to go to the ER?
  157. Money money money money!
  158. On Subutex and need help help with cripling back pain-don't know what to do
  159. Hi Robert, are you there? Please answer?
  160. Thank you Robert
  161. Just Starting Suboxone ....Day 3
  162. Advice on dating an addict
  163. Suggestions Please?
  164. Question for Suboxone
  165. Here we go again!!!!
  166. I seem to have hit a wall?
  167. Congrats
  168. Robert_325, need help again! Posted 2/16/11.
  169. Really feeling bad about what I did last night. Trying to talk about it one more time
  170. legal product.....
  171. Should i try opana
  172. Pregnant, on Suboxone, Endorphin Deficiency Syndrome- Basically going crazy!
  173. Suboxone and vicodin
  175. Attempting to use liquid suboxone for small doses.
  176. This mssge is for robert325
  177. Two Years And Counting
  178. Clonidine - Does it Help
  179. Xanax to klonipin taper...
  180. suboxone and pregnancy
  181. Help for another member?
  182. NA, caution I talk about philosopy and religion here
  183. Robert's way is truly the only way!
  184. I am ready Robert
  185. Last pill today @ 11am
  186. Robert...Can we donate Subs?
  187. Do you ever feel judged? Like some folks see you as a sad/scary junkie?
  188. The Doctor said no to Suboxone and no to xanax
  189. New here just a hello
  190. New here just a hello
  191. I failed!!
  192. Norco addiction...just tossed my pills
  193. Suboxone Tapering Assistance
  194. I want more wellbutrin. Should I ask for it?
  195. how much longer am I going to be happy
  196. precipitated withdrawls?
  197. R is for Relapse
  198. Can I do this? I feel terrible.....
  199. Not Feeling Good on Subutex
  200. Hypnotherapy?
  201. Robert_325...I need some help.
  202. OHHHHHHHHH The Guilt!!
  203. Picablue's suboxone taper thread. Please cheer me on!
  204. When it is enough
  205. Hey gang Bubba's update
  206. detoxing from methadone with subs, need advice
  207. Happy Sober Super Bowl Sunday
  208. So bored
  209. c/t from 4-6 day vic habit
  210. Robert_325 please help!
  211. Do I have this right?
  212. 5 day oral steroid taper for RA,MS etc.
  213. feelingstable after one week and now ready to plan on quitting subs.
  214. Side effect advice...
  215. Time to get clean! ohhhh What have I done
  216. 15 hours!!!
  217. Is this a reasonable taper?
  218. I Can not believe I relapsed...feel so ashamed.
  219. Update from Kendra
  220. Need your advice Robert!
  221. Yes! I'm glad I found this site.
  222. Well I'm back..tapering question..please help
  223. Let's try this again.. need Sub help as well if any experts are up
  224. Can't believe I made it
  225. Need HELP for withdrawing, Please HELP
  226. RELAPSe
  227. Best things for opiate withdrawal? Please help
  228. Need strength
  229. 11 days off methadone.
  230. Another iboga death recently
  231. Xanax question
  232. Been on subutex for 3 weeks...some questions
  233. 22 years of this is enough
  234. question about ativan
  235. Update
  236. Suboxone films? Are they useful for tapering?
  237. Can someone with Sub experience help Picablue start on them?
  238. Anybody here still clean off subs I need your help!!
  239. Kicking the Subs
  240. There and back again
  241. Late Nite Thread For Anyone
  242. In need of more advice...
  243. Day 35 clean: Feel guilty about any substance now.
  244. Mind is still racing ...:/
  245. Amanda, Annie, and my story
  246. poppy tea... suboxone or a home taper... what is the best way to quit?
  247. Concerned Girlfriend..need advice on opiate abuse
  248. 8 yrs of percocet, 2 yrs subox: till 3 days ago. Any help is appreciated.
  249. One is too many, 1000 is not enough- One last time w/d
  250. tappering off vic