Hi, I have read a lot about the helminthic therapy offered by companies like Ovamed and Autoimmune Therapies. Many people have positive results. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the therapy you can read about it in detail at Wikipedia.

There seems to be a lot of research being done, including a recent proof of concept for hookworm to treat Crohn's disease conducted by Nottingham University that resulted in remission for all of the study subjects - they had Crohn's disease.

Can anyone explain to me why the "ick" response seems so powerful in so many people when the experience of patients who try it and the research is so positive? I often read posts like this one, and the response in reply is more often than not just "yuck, I would never do that".

I don't understand how bowel surgery and taking dangerous drugs that are often not very effective (Crohn's disease, colitis) would be more desirable than hosting a few intestinal worms that one is not even aware of. Bear in mind the study that launched Ovamed showed a 72% remission rate for Crohn's patients who were not getting a result with other drugs and therapies.

Come on, is a colostomy, constant pain, being tied to the bathroom and malnutrition (the result of Crohn's for many) less yucky than having a few worms in your intestines?

I just don't get it. Someone illuminate me.