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What are Sulfonylureas?

Sulfonylureas are a group of medicines used in the management of Type 2 diabetes. Sulfonylureas lower blood glucose levels by stimulating insulin release from the Beta cells of the pancreas. Their action is dependent upon the presence of functioning Beta cells, therefore, sulfonylureas do not work in people with type 1 diabetes.

Sulfonylureas stimulate insulin release by blocking ATP sensitive potassium channels in the Beta cells, reducing potassium permeability. This causes depolarization of the cell and increases calcium entry, increasing insulin secretion.

List of Sulfonylureas:

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chlorpropamide systemic (Pro, More...)
0 reviews
glimepiride systemic (Pro, More...)
43 reviews
glyburide systemic (Pro, More...)
7 reviews
glipizide systemic (Pro, More...)
45 reviews
tolazamide systemic (Pro, More...)
0 reviews
tolbutamide systemic (Pro, More...)
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