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User Reviews for Ziprasidone

Also known as: Geodon

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 9.0
1 reviews 11 medications
Tourette's Syndrome 9.0
1 reviews 7 medications
Paranoid Disorder 6.8
4 reviews 5 medications
Schizophrenia 6.5
45 reviews 47 medications
Schizoaffective Disorder 6.2
60 reviews 27 medications
Bipolar Disorder 5.7
237 reviews 30 medications
Autism 4.9
13 reviews 7 medications
Body Dysmorphic Disorder 3.0
3 reviews 9 medications
Summary of Ziprasidone reviews 5.9 364 reviews

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Reviews for Ziprasidone

ANS · Taken for less than 1 month August 4, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone): “I started taking Geodon for borderline personality disorder about two weeks ago and I think it’s causing me to dissociate really bad. My vision is blurry, I’m shaky, my heart is pounding, and nothing feels real. Hopefully things change.”

4 / 10
m89t · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 1, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Schizoaffective Disorder: “Geodon made me gain 40 pounds, caused my esophogus to tighten where swallowing was difficult and gagging to drink, caused severe hand tremors. It stopped manic episodes and hallucinations but not depression, made me very fatigued and feel out of it / drunk most of the time.”

6 / 10
GS · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 18, 2020

For Bipolar Disorder: “geodon is really good for my psychotic symptoms, plus the weight gain is the least compared to other antipsychotics that I've tried. The only downside is it needs to be taken twice a day or the symptoms come right back, no drowsiness either !”

7 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 10 years or more June 30, 2020

For Schizophrenia: “My mom has been on it a good 13 years. Over the years I've watched my mom turn into a zombie-like person who can't do anything for herself. She barely eat but constantly needs to drink fluids. She hallucinates all day & night when she's not asleep talking to people who aren't alive or thinking babies are in her bed. I'm studying up hoping to make a change to her meds. In my opinion geodon slowly kills the body. Geodon, Haldol, Benztropine slowly kills.”

1 / 10
CJ · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 29, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Schizoaffective Disorder: “Geodon is a life changer for me. MDD with Psychotic features (Schizoaffective ish). It took a while to get past the sleepy side effects, and those were not trivial either. After about three weeks, or so, I was able to get adjusted to the medication (120 mg / day) and I can enjoy the benefits of clear thought and presence in reality. I never realized how much of my illness left me feeling disconnected from life and others. Now I feel grounded and I like life again. No weight gain that I have noticed, and once I got used to the medication, the sleepiness was very manageable.”

8 / 10
westcoastfam · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 12, 2020

For Bipolar Disorder: “I've suffered from rapid, mixed episode bipolar disorder for many years and have been prescribed depakote, lamictal, oxcarbazepine and aripiprazol all of which helped to some degree but stopped working effectively. For the last 5 years I have been using low dose (20-30 mg) ziprasidone. It really helps prevent manic symptoms from getting out of hand without significantly dulling my mental acuity. Side effects have been minimal.”

8 / 10
Grace · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 10, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: “I've had a very similar experience to the last post. Began taking Geodon for Bipolar disorder 1 and felt cured, energetic, happy. My depression was gone, as was my anxiety and I had much better work ethic. Fast forward a few weeks and the effects are subsiding. I upped my dose to 60mg but it's still not the same as initially. I've had some pretty low points. I'm hoping it still works to prevent manic episodes despite not having the antidepressant effects any longer. Considering switching to latuda, or adding an SSRI/SNRI to the mix.”

5 / 10
Megan · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 8, 2020

For Bipolar Disorder: “I take ziprasidone 40mg at night and it works great. I’m free from depression and mania. Only downside is side effects such as; tremor and feeling of crawling under back of my skin. I think the medicine doesn’t last until next dose. I’m planning on asking my doctor if she would prescribe it for twice a day instead of once a day.”

9 / 10
RJ · Taken for less than 1 month April 30, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: “At first taking Geodon it was great, felt alive for the first time in so, so many years it was for my major depression disorder. Then after three weeks of taking it, it stopped working. Now increasing to 40 mg daily. I’m hoping that works but kinda nervous it’s not going to. Just my experience for taking it for 3 going on 4 weeks. The side effects I had were nausea, lack of appetite, shaking and some vision issues. Side effects seem to be subsiding.”

5 / 10
Manhattannoire · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 24, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Schizophrenia: “I have been on Geodon for 9 months now and though I have lost 30 pounds of the Risperdal weight I gained I am now experiencing a condition called Anhedonia and I am absolutely ruined. Now that I see the world this way I can never go back to the way I was, I get no pleasure out of life whatsoever. ”

5 / 10
Mickey April 24, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Schizophrenia: “My doctor put me on Geodon 3 days before I got out of the hospital for mental health..3 days later I was back in the hospital because that medication gave me So many side effects.. shakiness, in and out of consciousness, blurred vision, seeing things that are not there ( I.e It the clown and other things) sweating, feeling like I can’t calm down, swelling of throat and lips, ETC. I’m still dealing with them.. IF ANYONE IS TAKING THIS I TELL YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE CARFUL!! I don’t want any of that happening to you!!!!”

1 / 10
She'll bell · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 21, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: “I just have one complaint: I put the pill in my mouth and immediately taste something awful.... It has a bad after-taste.... And I'm wondering why that is”

10 / 10
Imteresad1 March 11, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Autism: “My daughter seemed to be doing really well I mean a huge change and self control your irritability. but now we’re on our second month and we’ve had some pretty bad days.”

9 / 10
Eima · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 25, 2020

For Schizoaffective Disorder: “I have schizoaffective disorder mixed bipolar type and this ziprasidone medication has been the best ! It really gets you motivated unlike other medications like risperidone... it doesn't cause sleepiness that much during the day and also I have been loosing weight that I have gained from olanzapine before. The only negative thing about it is that it causes akathisia (restlessness) but its well controlled by trihexyphenidyl 2mg.. I take 40mg of ziprasidone twice daily with 750mg of valproate and 20mg of fluoxetine.. I finally feel normal again !”

10 / 10
C11 · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 6, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone): “I think perhaps I was prescribed this wrongly as I had depression, not the other conditions it is meant for. But it was truly awful. It made me so incredibly tired that I had been walking down the hallway and falling asleep at the same time. I'm not easily affected by sedatives or medications that make you tired without blinking an eye. But this really put me out. I had taken it a very long time ago, about 6-8 years ago I believe. I hope it's changed since then, and that it's no longer prescribed for depression by itself. I hope that it works better for others though. I had been in school at the time and couldn't stay awake in my classes because of it.”

2 / 10
bernie2020 February 6, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: “I’ve been on this med Geodon for about a year for bipolar and bpd. I am on a dose of 160 mg and I take it all at night. I still have mania symptoms but the only symptom I have is not sleeping. A couple of weeks ago I was up for 60 hours non stop and this past week I've been getting 3-4 hours of sleep and have felt fully energized. The first time I took this medication I slept from 8pm to 5pm and was groggy for the 4 hours. I was awake before I went back to bed. I haven’t been tired because of it since, though. I also developed an acute dystonic reaction called an “oculogyric crisis” because of this med. I am on amandatine to stop it. This med has been a game changer for me despite this. I don’t get severely depressed anymore and my depressive episodes would be really terrible and my manic episodes would always end me up in the hospital because I'd go on a bender and overdose or I'd be up for days and be extremely irritable and cranky.”

8 / 10
Anonymous February 3, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: “Three years ago I was put on Geodon for auditory hallucinations. It has been the only antipsychotic medication I have ever used that has no side effects and no weight gain, and I sleep like a baby at night. 80 mgs at bedtime is all I take. This drug has totally changed my life for the better, and has blessed me in a hundred ways. I felt so much better after my first month on it that I went out and got a job at McDonalds restaurant and have been in management there as a trainer for the last three years. This drug has been a huge success with me when all others failed and I plan to take it for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend it at low doses to anyone. The higher doses cause horrible dizziness, so the lower doses work better. I have not heard a single voice in three years and Geodon has made a believer out of me. Bravo!”

10 / 10
Lobo · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 25, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: “I've been on geodon for several months now. I take it twice a day. So far, I have had no side effects whatsoever! It has really helped with my bipolar symptoms. I am calmer and clearer. I was scared to start it because of all the negative reviews. I finally decided to go ahead and take it. No sleepiness, no muscle stiffness, no anything! Just feel so much better! Haven't had any major depression, or psychotic episodes, or anger issues. I also take lamotrigine once a day. Great combo! Life is finally looking up for me! Been on all sorts of different meds. This is working for me! Very happy about the results!”

10 / 10
Michi · Taken for less than 1 month January 24, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Schizoaffective Disorder: “I'm schizoaffective and was put on Geodon 2 weeks ago for visual and auditory hallucinations. I had been taking Seroquel and it wasn't working for me so the doctor switched me over to the Geodon. Within a day the visuals had receded and shortly after the auditory as well. I've suffered for over a decade with trying different medications and so far this one has worked the best for me and my body chemistry. I also have major depression so the stimulant properties are a perfect solution for my lethargy.”

9 / 10
Ran S · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 16, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: “I had bad mania and needed to be on something. I couldn't go to sleep, crazy focused on everything and felt so scattered. My doctor recommended Geodon, and it worked for the first 2 months, but then it gave me horrible anxiety. I had to get off it and get on an anti-anxiety. I also had some bad side effects from Geodon- lots of vomiting and nausea, cravings, and anxiety.”

2 / 10
Pretty Good · Taken for 10 years or more January 10, 2020

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: “Geodon has consistently blocked auditory hallucinations for me for 13 1/2 years. However, I ended up with ulcers that landed me in the emergency room about 6 years in. After that everything went well until about 11 years in I began to develop what turned into about 10 side effects & a few were serious. Tried a side effect med and it worked for about 9 months. Sadly, I'm looking for an alternative. Sadly because Geodon carries almost no risk of Parkinson's which is a terminal illness”

8 / 10
A · Taken for less than 1 month December 13, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: “This drug caused SEVERE muscle stiffness. Every muscle in my body, including my jaw was tight as tight can be. Subsequently I couldn't sleep because of this.”

1 / 10
Lasllaves · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 28, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Schizophrenia: “This medicine can cause unwanted sleepiness. Going out in public in the middle of the afternoon, I experienced akathisia, restlessness and the desire to sleep. I also get wicked dry mouth every night and head flashes. I still am hearing voices on this medication and am taking 160 mg a day. 80 in the morning and 80 at night. My doctor added on cogentin to help with the akathisia and it makes me feel even sleepier. Also the cogentin causes serious vision blur so much so that my eyes won't focus when I try to read.”

5 / 10
Buck · Taken for less than 1 month November 26, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone): “My husband had Dementia and was sent to a Dr's Behavioral Hospital for evaluation only, after a few days he was put on Geodon without permission. Started having seizures not only did he get a drug that says not for dementia may cause death but they also over dosed him. He did not have any other health issues he was not bipolar or schizophrenia. He went there walking, talking , had a gentle disposition he left in an ambulance and passed away a few days later his death was written as pneumonia your warning says this may happen with dementia ( and they did nothing wrong) Right!!!!!”

Insomniac Too · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 17, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: “I've been on this medication for years. My doctor prescribed me Geodon because I was really depressed and suicidal. At one point I was taking 160mg (two pills) a day, but it's been reduced to 80mg (one pill) a day. No drowsiness (I take it with dinner and I can drive on it just fine). No sadness. No suicidal thoughts. I don't have any complaints about brain fog either. I was in a really bad place, where it took everything just to go to the appointment and admit I needed something changed. I did notice it messed with my menstrual cycle though? I've read that could happen, talked with my doctor, and the dose was lowered from 100mg to the current 80mg. Problem solved.”

10 / 10