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User Reviews for Ziprasidone

Also known as: Geodon

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
1 review 11 medications
Tourette's Syndrome
1 review 7 medications
Paranoid Disorder
4 reviews 0 medications
41 reviews 45 medications
Schizoaffective Disorder
53 reviews 27 medications
Bipolar Disorder
220 reviews 30 medications
12 reviews 7 medications
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
3 reviews 0 medications
Summary of Ziprasidone reviews 5.8 335 reviews

Reviews for Ziprasidone

Lo · Taken for less than 1 month September 7, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: "I started taking this medication for my mania. I really didn’t notice a difference in my manic episodes while on it. At night the ziprasidone would make me uncomfortably drowsy, and even then I would be unable to sleep through the whole night. On nights where I barely slept, I would wake up so terribly drowsy that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. This impaired my driving and made work and school really difficult if not impossible. My manic episodes remained the same, until I tried stopping the ziprasidone, in which they became alarmingly worse than I’d ever had them before. One night without taking ziprasidone, I had a major manic episode and was awake for over 36 hours. I was only able to rest after taking the ziprasidone, but could only sleep 9 hours after being awake for so long. I’m still trying to get off the ziprasidone, but I’m unsure how to do this without sacrificing an entire nights sleep and my sanity."

Kitty21 August 29, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Schizophrenia: "I started taking Geodon on a Monday. I didn't get any sleep even after taking a trazodone still didn't get but 1-2 hours of sleep that night so I decided to skip Tuesday slept like a baby that night being cautious I decided to give it another try 1/2 a pill on Wednesday around 7 p.m around 8:30 p.m I started having what I described as a labour pains (no I'm not pregnant) and a migraine but the pains didn't last for more than 3 to mins at a time off and on durning the night but I did get a few hours of sleep. Sometime during the night but Thursday morning I felt good enough to start some minor yard work (raking) I began to get very hot almost to the point of stripping. Things only got worse the migraines and cramps came back along with hives and the sensation of being stung by a 100000000 all at once so here I'm am now laying in the hospital form a bad reaction from the Geodon having it flushed out of my system so I would never take this medication again ..GOOD LUCK"

Aflynn · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 23, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: "I absolutely hate this medication. I either feel numb or like it has dulled my personality. I feel anxious and restless on it. It really does nothing to help my mood swings."

random_nickname · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 21, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: "I was on Geodon and Depakote a dozen years ago for a few months. The whole time I was on Geodon I was so down on myself. It's a terrible drug. They gave me Klonopin for the anxiety caused by Geodon, but that made me fall asleep all the time, so I couldn't keep taking it. It gave me a blank, vacuous expression, too."

Ashley · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 17, 2019

For Bipolar Disorder: "I've been on ziprasidone (bipolar) for a year now and I'm doing just fine. I'm not going through any terrible side affects at all but there has been something that's been happening to me ever since i've been put on this drug and it's that my periods have been coming extremely late and it's so annoying."

Anonymous August 9, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Schizoaffective Disorder: "I've been on geodon for schizoaffective disorder for ten years and I have gained 100 pounds. I've lost my top teeth and had a tumor in me but Geodon does control the voices and maniac epsiodes."

Lee August 6, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Schizophrenia: "Antipsychotic weight gain is an absolute nightmare. I was on Risperdal and it made me gain twenty pounds, at first I didn’t know what was going on. I thought I was just getting old. Then I got up to 160 pounds without even eating. This med made it so I can’t pee hardly at all, so if I just want to drink diet pepsi to lose weight I have to deal with water weight. I mean just how big am I supposed to get? I have to be on this stuff for life and I’m gaining about 2 to 3 pounds a week without even eating. How many times am I supposed to go jean shopping for bigger sizes? And I can’t say I trust Geodon much more. I’ve been on it for a month now, so far I’ve lost five pounds by just starving myself as usual. It works for my voices but I can’t even get off the stuff If I wanted too because the withdrawal gives me terrible insomnia. So, basically they’ve got you for life and your going to be fat."

Rottiemom23 · Taken for less than 1 month August 6, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: "I started taking this one week ago. I am taking it for bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder (not sure about complete diagnosis yet. + insomnia. It has helped me sleep. The only thing is the side effects that come with it. I started taking it on a Wednesday and I started feeling sick Thursday. I have felt sick every day for a week. Nausea, throwing up, diarrhea. I have been on a lot of medications and I really want something that will work so how long do I go on with the side effects hoping they will disappear? Will the side effects eventually go away?"

Anonymous August 3, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: "I was on this drug years ago when it was cover by a manufacturer patient plan, when they discontinued the plan I had to go off the drug because it had been cost prohibitive. Since then and many psych meds later my life a been a constant state of flux. My doctor is putting me back on Geodon, now that I have PART D. I couldn't be happier."

Dimitri August 1, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: "Worse anti psychotic ever. The first week of taking it was ok. It would give me the munchies but I wouldn’t eat so I didn’t gain weight ( btw if you get the munchies and you control it you won’t gain any weight. I was always on Zyprexa for years and I ignored the munchies and I maintained slim). Anyways, Geodon would make me sleepy and I was able to sleep on it. Then after a couple of weeks I was feeling so restless, I couldn’t sit still and was moving a lot and I hated that side effect. Then all of a sudden it would make me feel wired and I wouldn’t sleep well for days. Then one day I took the medication earlier and a couple hours later I had a severe panic attack that I almost called the ambulance. Never again will I ever take Geodon. This stuff reacts as a stimulant. I’ve been happy on Zyprexa and seroquel. Just exercise and control your diet and you’ll be fine."

Mary · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 15, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: "I took Geodon for one year. While this drug did increase my motivation to exercise, I felt the side effects were too negative to continue using. It ruined my personality for some reason and interfered with my ability to make quick, witty jokes like I am normally able to do when not taking this med. For that reason, I did not like it because it turned me into a robotic, unemotional Stepford wife or something. It gave me such severe anxiety that I had frequent panic attacks and had to be treated with an anti-anxiety med to counteract the negative side effects of the Geodon. It made me have to frequently urinate or feel like I had to go at least every 20 minutes. If you want to flatline your personality, have severely agitated anxiety, and spend your life in the bathroom, take this drug."

fixxcer2019 · Taken for less than 1 month July 7, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: "DO not take geodon, I cannot stress this enough. it's a terrible drug. for me it caused loss of appetite, bloating and easy bruising. when you come off of the drug it caused severe withdrawal such as brain fog, depression and flu like symptoms."

LJ · Taken for less than 1 month July 2, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: "I was on Latuda & Lamictal & was still having major irritability; I could feel the mania trying to breakthrough. My psych kept me on the Lamictal but switched me to Geodon. Within a day I could feel a difference. I no longer had the rage that had been bubbling under the surface for weeks it had died down. I have rapid cycling Bipolar 1 but mania is my biggest problem. The only side effect I’m having is a hard time falling asleep. For sleep I take gabapentin, trazodone & last night I added in some benadryl to be safe. I’m sleeping 8 hours & waking up without an alarm but I’m now foggy in the morning. But, halfway through my second cup of coffee I’m fine and awake. I’m on 20mg twice a day & I’m hoping my psych will add in a third dose mid day because I feel like it’s wearing off a couple of hours before I take my evening dose. Overall I think Geodon is working for me & I’m glad I gave it a try. Being angry all the time is exhausting."

Heymelisser June 24, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: "Been on Geodon over 2 yrs with lamictal for Bipolar 1 disorder. Handled mania well for year at 120 mg of Geodon once a night. Summer came extreme mania hit and now take olazapine only when feeling nuttier than usual. Haven't been experienced extreme mania over a year now and take 120 mg Geodon once at night. Causes low libido for me and clonazepam daily needed for bad anxiety. Give it an 8.5"

Ash · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 23, 2019

For Bipolar Disorder: "This is the second time I've been on Geodon for my bipolar disorder, and honestly it's the only thing that's ever helped me. Geodon made me sleep 18 hours a day at first, but as I've increased the dose and gotten used to it, I've noticed that my anger has gotten better, in that after I take it, I'm not enraged. Also it helps me not be psychotic. It helps me stay grounded in reality. I feel calm and prepared and stable after I take it. I actually love this medicine. I take 60mg twice a day. The only side effects are late periods (up to 10 days late) at times of dosage increases, making the PMS very intense, extreme sleepiness and mild depression. But it's very manageable compared to my anger and psychosis and what I'm like without Geodon, so I'm happy with what Geodon does for me."

Brian June 21, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: "I started Geodon a few months ago. I like it much better than Abilify which I was previously on. Prior to Geodon I was waking up at 3:00 am 3-4 nights per week. Since I have been on Geodon I consistently sleep through the night. Geodon is a great adjunct to Lithium. They together really quell my Mania. Overall Geodon is a great medication in my opinion."

Tom · Taken for less than 1 month June 8, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Schizoaffective Disorder: "Geodon brought unimaginable pain and discomfort, taking well over a decade to recover from. The consequences of taking this has ruined my ability to forge a healthy life"

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 3, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Schizoaffective Disorder: "This drug Geodon was amazing, I've felt the best I have ever felt MENTALLY in 12 years. I was literally crying of happiness because I didn't think I could ever feel normal again, it was that good. But unfortunately I got HORRIBLE akithesia (intense restlessness) and tapping of my foot that caused me to stop the drug. The foot tapping took 2 weeks to go away. I also would get watery diarrhea and episodes of overheating where I thought I had a fever but my temperature was normal. Also would get intense dizziness if I took my dose late, and felt like I had to drop dead of sleep no matter where I was, as soon as I took my dose. I wish I didn't have such bad physical side effects!! This is the only thing that has worked for me so far."

G · Taken for less than 1 month May 28, 2019

For Bipolar Disorder: "I’ve started treating my bipolar 2 a little less than a year ago. My psychiatrist started me on lamotrigine, and I was recently prescribed ziprasidone as well. Personally speaking these two medications have helped balance me out so well. I am able to focus easier, and it helps me relax more at night when I’m trying to sleep."

AlwaysTired · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 27, 2019

For Bipolar Disorder: "I have been on Geodon (Zipraisidone) 100 mg for 5 years to treat my Bipolar II. I also take an anti-depressant. For me, Zipraisidone was highly effective in that it treated my depression, mood swings, and mania. Zipraisidone has kept me stable for the past 5 years and enabled me to keep several part-time jobs (I lost all of my full-time jobs due to my illness or wrong medications). *However*, I have just weaned off Zipraisidone over a one-month period (no problems). I finally had to give it up because of the constant tiredness and lack of motivation that it leaves me with. I wake up tired, it is hard to get out of bed every morning, and I have no motivation once I do so. Obviously I cannot lie in bed because I must work. I have read on another column that Zipraisidone is *extremely* sedating. Well, this has been the experience with me. NO other side effects, no weight gain, so it may be a good drug for you if you do not experience the sedation effect."

HD · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 18, 2019

For Bipolar Disorder: "I started having mania even with the other medications, so ziprasidone was prescribed to me to see if it would help. Well, the first couple of days I took it during the day - big mistake as I passed out for a couple of hours both days. However, when I started taking it at night things got way different. For two weeks, I felt like I was on a major happy high all the time. It was awesome. Quite frankly, I didn't want it to end. I'm a month into it now and I am feeling normal again. No weight gain, no highs/lows/anger, just nice, even feelings."

TacoCutie · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 13, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for : "Was on Geodon for 6 weeks, did not help with my irritability at all, if anything it made it worse, it caused me to feel depressed as anything, as if I couldn't escape my own mind, it was a really messed up feeling. Ironically geodon was on my genesight test in the green column, yet it had this negative effect on me, weaning off it now and never taking it again."

Dani · Taken for less than 1 month April 27, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Bipolar Disorder: "I was placed on Geodon while inpatient for Bipolar 1, rapid cycling, dysphoric mixed episodes. It helped within a few days and the dysphoria, rapid cycling and mixed state stopped. I take 40 mg at dinner and it starts to mellow me out and drowsiness kicks in at bedtime and I am ready to sleep. Works wonders because sedatives were not helping my insomnia. This has helped me maintain a healthy sleep schedule. I wake up refreshed and remain focused throughout the day. I have lost weight on Geodon as it seems to be suppressing my appetite, but after med after med that made me gain weight I am ok with this side effect. I have had zero side effects from this med thankfully, but know some people that do. I would say it either works great or it doesn’t. Everyone’s brain chemistry is different so that is probably why. If it doesn’t work for you, hang in there. I hope that you find something as effective as this has been for me."

Noneofuourbumiz · Taken for less than 1 month April 21, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Autism: "Made him more vicious like a wild animal"

Mixedboylol · Taken for less than 1 month April 11, 2019

Geodon (ziprasidone) for Schizophrenia: "Geodon definitely works for a antipsycotic but if you don't eat with it, it will make you a zombie and you won't get up for hours. When you eat with it, it's a whole different story. Anyways it also makes me so anxious, more than I have even been in my life it messes with my head so bad, for that reason I hate it with a passion and never want to take it again "


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