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User Reviews for Tropicamide

Also known as: Mydral, Mydriacyl, Ocu-Tropic, Opticyl, Tropicacyl

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Pupillary Dilation
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Summary of Tropicamide reviews 2.7 3 reviews

Reviews for Tropicamide

For Pupillary Dilation: "side effects blurry vision disorientation, confusion, itchy eyes"


marygumbo (taken for less than 1 month) November 16, 2017

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For Pupillary Dilation: "I used to wear contact lenses. In a recent eye exam, my optometrist applied 0.5% tropicamide and 0.5% phenylephrine (Myfriin-P) on my eyes. She did not warn me to wear sunglasses after check-up. My eyes exposed to intense sunlight 15 minutes afterwards without sunglasses. Then, I suffered eye pain for almost 2 months now and severe dry eye. I read many information afterwards. Corneal permeation of Tropicamide may enhanced by phenylephrine and may enhanced also its strength. Sun exposure further complicated the harm."


abutt September 12, 2015

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For Pupillary Dilation: "As soon as this medicine was put into my eyes I felt an intense burning sensation in my eyes. Approximately 5 minutes after the drops had been put in I began feeling jittery, uneasy, and my head felt very strange. I couldn't see up close at all for over 4 hours, but that's a given whenever having your eyes dilated. I don't know if this was a psychosomatic effect or not, but I felt very out of it and my hearing was affected as well. I remember when the doctor was speaking to me after the exam had been completed my hearing was going in and out, kind of like I was in a long tunnel. Overall, this experience scared me, and I'm not sure if I would want to have this done again. Although, I am glad that by doing this I now know my eyes are healthy."


smartchick August 29, 2009

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