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User Reviews for Betadine to treat Topical Disinfection

Db November 28, 2020

“After surgical procedure on my foot/toe, the Betadine Soln was applied to the open wound, then bandaged. Within 10 minutes it began burning. ASAP, I removed the dressing & cleaned the area with saline. Blistering was evident. Daily wound cleaning, dressing changes, antibacterial ointment applied 'til healed.”

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Frank · Taken for less than 1 month May 10, 2018

“I’ve been using Betadine solution for cuts and scrapes for many years. It’s always been tried and true until yesterday my son scraped his knee open wound. I bought a new bottle of Betadine from CVS made by Perdue pharma. I poured it on the wound and dried the area around and bandaged it up with a large band aid. The next morning 10am wound looked like beginning to get infected has Betadine always been made by Purdue pharma maybe a bad batch?”

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