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User Reviews for Next Choice

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Emergency Contraception
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Summary of Next Choice reviews 7.9 46 reviews

Reviews for Next Choice

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month January 5, 2019

For Emergency Contraception "THIS PILL WORKS! I had unprotected sex and took the pill 6hrs after. I got my period (very light) after 4 days of taking it which is just normal based on my cycle. Although I didn’t get my period for the next 2 months but I got it on the third month having my normal flow back again. Do not overthink, this pill is meant to work. Searching the web for answers won’t help that much. In fact, it will just increase your chances of overthinking. So yea. Just relax and hope for the best!"

Jennifer August 26, 2018

For Emergency Contraception "I took the pill the next morning and I thought it would take care of the accident and I didn't have sex anymore. I still got pregnant. The sad thing that this is the 3rd time I get pregnant even after taking the morning after pill. Girls just take care of yourselves."

Diane1415 October 3, 2017

For Emergency Contraception "I had unprotected sex three days before ovulation, and took this within four hours after having sex. After reading some of the reviews, I was a little wary of how well it would work. I ended up experiencing my normal ovulation symptoms as well, which made me even more worried as this pill is supposed to prevent ovulation. I didn't experience any side effects (no headaches, nausea, etc), but I did have some cramping that began about four days after I took it, and continued off and on for about a week. My period ended up coming today, which is three days before I expected it. Give it time and try not to worry!"

Suzy4.0 August 15, 2017

For Emergency Contraception "I had protected sex, but the condom broke. I didn't know until I saw a piece of the condom 24 hours later. I took Next Choice about 12 hours later (36 hours?) of the incident. I got my period 5 days early. My only side effects were headaches."

Scaredliljess July 21, 2017

For Emergency Contraception "Hello everyone, I promised myself I would write a review on Next Choice - even if it worked or not. And now I'm here to share my experience. So I had unprotected sex Wednesday night around 10pm (he jizzed inside of me) and let me tell you how truly scared I was! So I decide to take plan b pill the next morning however there was no plan b in stock so I had to settle for next choice 2 dose. Around 10am I swallowed BOTH .75mg pills with some water and a McDonald's breakfast sandwich. So hours went by and I didn't feel a single side effect. Surprisingly. However the next day or two I started to feel nauseous randomly and got frequent headaches. I never had any other problems.Today is Friday and I just got my period. Just be patient my loves!"

Aaaaaaaaaaaa June 22, 2017

For Emergency Contraception "I took this since I am not on birth control yet and just recently had my baby (5 weeks ago). This pill has way worse side effects than Plan B. This pill has me Emotional crying within minutes and gave me a migraine minutes after that and a few hours later I woke up with extreme cramping in my lower back and abdomen for hours I was up in pain. I would never take this again."

Zer · Taken for less than 1 month June 3, 2017

For Emergency Contraception "Failed me twice...used next choice twice and still got pregnant"

Worriedstudent7777 March 24, 2017

For Emergency Contraception "I promised myself I would write a review about this as all these reviews sometimes don't have the ending result which scared me even more the more I read. I took the pills within 6 hours (the condom broke) on March 7. Don't take this til you're at home as it made me feel nauseous and dizzy for about 24 hours. Take it and go to bed if you can. 4 days later on the 11th of march I had a heavier spotting for 6 days! And then finally on the 23rd I got my period which was 4 days early in my cycle but it works! Don't stress too much about it if you take it soon enough!"

Nicole aka dollface · Taken for less than 1 month February 14, 2017

For Emergency Contraception "It works , took it with 52 hours left. My period was due 3 days before hand. (It was my boyfriend birthday weekend. We both admit to never spend 4 days drinking like there no tomorrow again lol) It made my period 2 days late but It ran it course. Heavier than usually and I felt shitty for a few days but a really great reminder of don't be stupid. My period is off and that was three weeks ago. So it works. The side effects weren't too bad and totally worth it vs being knocked up before we are ready. Again this will be my first and our last time having unprotected sex. We been together for three years and we are not ready for a baby of any sort. But I would take again if had too,"

Didn't work · Taken for less than 1 month February 12, 2017

For Emergency Contraception "Had protected sex. The condom broke. Used the pullout method because of the broken condom. The next day, I was still nervous - I already had a 9 month old daughter and had just lost my job - so I dealt with judgement and rudeness at the pharmacy and finally walked away with next choice. I took it within 24 hours. I took the second pill 12 hours later, as directed. It didn't work. My son is now 4 and he's amazing, so all ends well for me."

Alieopp · Taken for less than 1 month February 10, 2017

For Emergency Contraception "I took Next Choice Plan B after the condom broke with my boyfriend near my time of ovulation. I promised myself I'd write a review on this site for nervous and concerned women/girls who would read this later on. First thing is to NOT panic! You've done all you can by now by taking Plan B so all you have to do now is rest well and eat well. Second, this is a drug review site and there's obviously some sampling bias because people who have the side effects of a drug are going to review/rant about it. You may experience some or none of these but it won't life threatening so keep calm! Personally, I didn't experience many side effects besides some minor stomach pains after I took it. In the end, my period came a week early which is expected."

Be responsible! · Taken for less than 1 month January 23, 2017

For Emergency Contraception "My boyfriend and I had always used condoms. I was not on the pill and relied on them heavily. Unfortunately for us, one day the condom had ripped and neither of us had noticed. It was only after that we realized that he had ejaculated inside of me as well. Being in a state of panic, we drove straight to get plan b. Our pharmacist recommended "Next Choice" to us and I had taken it within one hour of having sex. The side effects for me personally weren't all that bad. I had headaches throughout the month and the occasional cramping but none of that compared to the paranoia! Safe to say that I had received my period one week earlier than expected and am now on birth control just to be extra cautious! Be safe and try not to stress yourself out!"

Shelby710139 September 3, 2016

For Emergency Contraception "When me Me and my boyfriend had sex the condom broke. It was also the day after my period ended. We bought this pill the next day and took it. The next day I threw up and was really nauseous. About a week later I had some spotting for about 5 days and it kinda freaked me about because I thought I might be pregnant. But after a really long month and a few weeks I finnaly got my period two days ago. This pill will work if you take it soon enough. Just be patient for your period. It might make it a few weeks late but don't panic. That's what made this whole experience bad because i was panicking. Good luck!!"

RGE June 1, 2016

For Emergency Contraception "I took next choice about 1-2 days after ovulation start (guess based on cervical mucus) 12 hours after sex. I had no immediate side effects but my period was delayed 6 days."

Ramona12345 March 6, 2016

For Emergency Contraception "I'm known to be a little paranoid, but everything turned out just fine. Took the pill about 7 hours after sexual intercourse, experienced side effects such as headaches, dizziness, and spotting a week later. After 8 days of experiencing the side effects, I finally got my period. Definitely recommend it!"

lelelei · Taken for less than 1 month February 28, 2016

For Emergency Contraception "It will keep you from getting pregnant but get ready for a long cycle.I took this pill and was on my cycle for one month."

Anonymous jan 2016 February 3, 2016

For Emergency Contraception "I took this pill 19 hours after our condom leaked. My period had just ended, so we wanted to be cautious. I took it on Jan 4, 5 days later I had some abdominal cramping, a severe headache and cramping. The bleeding and cramping lasted 4 1/2 days. I also had some very minor light headedness off on of during January, but I'm not sure if it was really caused by the pill or not. My next period was very late, I usually have a short cycle, about 25 days since I don't use birth control pills regularly it's length is irregular, but mine came a full 7 days after my longest cycle of 28 days. It started on Feb 2. I did have more cramping the week before it started. The cramping was not fun, but at least it worked."

10 Nall January 3, 2016

For Emergency Contraception "I had sex on July 5 and I was out of town I came back home on the 7 and I took next choice that day I started to feel sick like if I was having my period but I didn't, by July 25th I did apply pregnancy test and it came back positive. When I was 18-20 week's I had a ultrasound and the baby was smaller than it has to be by week 23 the doctor found out that the placenta wasn't working like it suppose to, by week 30 I deliver my baby by a c-section and he passed away 30min later :("

Kate. · Taken for less than 1 month October 8, 2015

For Emergency Contraception "This made me really sick. I would say go for plan b even if it is a little more expensive. Plan b didn't bother me when I took it before. But , with this medicine , I had all of the side effects you can imagine. But I am not pregnant , so the medication did do it's job. Just be wary that you can get upper respiratory infection, diarrhea, terrible cramps, & a lot of bleeding."

Cece1 September 17, 2015

For Emergency Contraception "I was supposed to get my period on Sunday, had unprotected sex but used pull out method the following day (Monday). Same thing happened on that same week on Thursday. Period was 6 days late at that point & decided to take pill. Took the pill that next day (Friday). Still no period, took pregnancy test (Saturday) came out negative. After taking the pill I kept cramping and having leg pain but no period. Finally got my period which ended up being 12 days late. Pill did what it's supposed to do. Definitely experienced all the side effects directed which is okay."

Now what? · Taken for less than 1 month July 30, 2015

For Emergency Contraception "I had intercourse with my hubby if 10 years and we have 3 children already, 2 of which were from a previous relationship and one of our own. We did not want anymore children at this point in our lives. We had sex at 3-4 a.m. , at. 10 a.m I was already at the pharmacy picking up Next Choice and took it in the car with a bottle of water. 4 days later it happend again so again within hours I took the Next Choice.Upon googling wgat happens if you take 2 within a months cycle, it looked like everything was okay.when I took the pills I did not have bleeding at either time,it wasnt till about a week later my boobs got sore and i had back and leg pain and pinching like cramps.I thought a heavy period was coming but it didnt and Im pregnant......."

CeoR · Taken for less than 1 month May 18, 2015

For Emergency Contraception "I took next choice within 24 hours of unprotected sex. I have a 2 year old already and I am not financially able to have another child right now. After taking it I felt fine, but 4 or 5 hours later I was so sleepy. I dozed off all evening and went to bed early that night. It's been about 3 weeks since I've taken it and I've been miserable! I've had stomach pains, nausea, and dizziness. 3 days afterwards I was having chest pains. I started my period today and although its really light, I feel horrible. I'm nauseated and my stomach is cramping something awful. It also feels like I'm having vertigo. I recommend staying away from this pill. Because even though it is exremely affective, I want to feel normal again"

kmgz April 14, 2015

For Emergency Contraception "I took the pill 20 or so hours after unprotected sex and when I woke up in the morning, I had almost immediate results. I woke up with lower abdominal pains (which is normal), and went about my daily routine. I started to experience a great amount of fatigue and I really honestly just wanted to sleep the whole day. I am telling you, the side effects are not too bad. Although, I missed my period. After I missed my period I began panicking but today I got my period! All is well, please do not stress out if you haven't gotten your period. Mine was 4 days late but this pill really works and it is worth the 50 or so dollars! :)"

autumn93 March 13, 2015

For Emergency Contraception "This pill gets the job done in preventing pregnancy but the hormones made my body crazy. I took this January 6 with no symptoms until a week later. I had high blood pressure, really bad dizziness, nausea, hot flashes, a slight fever, and really bad breast tenderness. I spotted from Jan 15-18, at first it was brown then a small amount of blood but not enough to fill up a pad. I thought this was my period but soon after the spotting stopped my breast became so sore and big. I had prominent veins on my breast and all over my body as if I was pregnant, back aches, insomnia, anxiety, depressed, small cramps on abdomen, and all over body cramps. My period was suppose to start Jan 22 but it never arrived. It is now March 13 and still no period."

KTG January 14, 2015

For Emergency Contraception "I am on the pill Trinessa but took an antibiotic, Cyprofloxacin, for a urinary tract infection a week before having sex with my boyfriend. He didn't use a condom and I heard that antibiotics can make the pill less effective so I was super paranoid and scared that I would get pregnant. So about 16 hours after sex I took Next Choice One Dose. Right after I took it I had a headache but that's it. Didn't have any other symptoms for several days after. Since I am on the pill I know exactly when I am supposed to get my period. I felt menstrual cramps and fatigue for a couple of days before the day my period was supposed to start. I had light bleeding and cramps on the day it was due. Relax & good luck"