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User Reviews for Codeine / guaifenesin

Also known as: Cheratussin AC, Virtussin A/C, Guaiatussin AC, Diabetic Tussin C, Cheracol with Codeine, Robitussin-AC, Pro-Clear, Guaitussin AC, Robafen AC, Mytussin AC, Guiatussin with Codeine, Iophen, Tussi-Organidin NR, Brontex, Gani-Tuss NR, Codar GF, Mar-cof CG, Bitex Liquid, Robichem AC, Allfen CD, Halotussin AC, Allfen CDX, Glydeine, Guaifen-C, Guaifen AC, Codafen, Iophen-C NR, Romilar AC, Guai-Co, Duraganidin NR, Tussi-Organidin-S NR, Dex-Tuss, Tussiden C, ExeClear-C, Guiatuss AC, Tusso-C, Relcof C, M-Clear, M-Clear WC, Guaifenesin AC …show all brand names

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Summary of Codeine/guaifenesin reviews 5.9 71 reviews

Reviews for Codeine/guaifenesin

Charles · Taken for less than 1 month June 11, 2019

For Cough: "My wife had cough for several months. She took many kind of prescribed drugs but they were not effective. Eventually, her family doctor changed to this Guaifenesin/Codeine, and miracle, the cough went away just one day."

Theresa147 · Taken for less than 1 month December 20, 2018

Virtussin A/C (codeine / guaifenesin) for Cough: "After coughing and not sleeping for almost 3 weeks, and trying other meds, this was the only med to work for me. I highly recommend."

CJ · Taken for less than 1 month December 11, 2018

For Cough: "$42 for this stuff (2 bottles) and it actually didn't work at all. I coughed just as much for a week. I took 5ml 3 times a day if needed. My insurance did not cover it. I think I would have been better off buying over the counter. mm"

sleepless · Taken for less than 1 month October 24, 2018

For Cough: "This stuff is awful. The first time I took it it helped put me to sleep for an hour and I woke up with an awful coughing attack and then barely slept through the night. The second night I took it I was awake the entire night coughing worse than not taking anything. Mucinex DM has the same active ingredient and works 1000x better, and NyQuil always knocks me out all night, I’m going to stick with over the counter meds."

matt · Taken for less than 1 month October 16, 2018

Virtussin A/C (codeine / guaifenesin) for Cough: "I was told to take 5 ml by mouth 3x/day. I was concerned about the codeine, but it seems to have no effect due to the small amount of it in it (class V opioid liquid, so pretty safe with prescribed use). I was given a 7 day supply (105 mL), and it seems to help a bit, but not enough. I would recommend an OTC cough syrup with a nyquill or zquil"

Cookie · Taken for less than 1 month September 21, 2018

For Cough: "This medicine is a waste of money. I wanted to cough because of the guaifensin, but the codeine was stopping me. Kept me awake all night. Gave me a dull nasty headache. Pharmacist told me to not drink or eat after taken this. I was coughing still. Ended up in the ER because I needed to get fluid to get rid of the headache. Finally, a simple nebulizer treatment three times a day got rid of the cough in 3 days. Don’t abuse antibiotics, you may end up with C Difficile infection"

Fdf July 29, 2018

Cheratussin AC (codeine / guaifenesin) for : "I’m pretty sure I have acute bronchitis along with a cold. Low fever, coughing up thick mucus that burns, body aches all over, headache, runny nose, sinus congestion and swelling when I lay my head down. I had some unexpired cheratussin left over from my last bout and took 2 teaspoons today, right before my hubbys hot shower. I breathed in the steam. I have to say that I feel kind of awake, I mean, my eyes were feeling heavy before but they feel oddly lighter and awake. My body also doesn’t seem to ache as much. Keep in mind that I am sitting up in a lay down position, not exerting myself. My legs felt restless before but maybe it’s giving me a relaxed feeling? I don’t mind that it’s 11:52 pm because honestly I would rather feel awake and not have aches, than my throat burning and feeling hurt all over. Mucus is also coming up but not sure if that’s because my steam sessions and large amounts of water. I have been drinking a bottle of water like every hour to 2 hours."

Poof/ Female · Taken for less than 1 month March 22, 2018

Cheratussin AC (codeine / guaifenesin) for Cough: "Unfortunately, I had the same negative experience with this cough/codeine combination as another reviewer. My doctor said it should help me sleep, and not keep me up coughing all night. ( I was recently diagnosed with Viral Bronchitis) This did just the opposite! I took this at 11:00 p.m. and then laid awake until 3:30a.m! I had to get up and take some Nyquil just to get a few hours sleep, before having to get up for the day. Thought this may be a fluke, so I tried the same thing the next evening....sure enough...I laid awake again into the wee hours! I'll stick to the Over the Counter, Mucinex DM."

Kympossible February 2, 2018

Cheratussin AC (codeine / guaifenesin) for Cough: "I’m awake for the 3rd night in a row now. This stuff tastes awful, but I could deal with that if it would work. My doctor used to give me Tussionex, but she has a new NP who seemed to think I needed this instead, even when I told her I’d like to go with what I know has worked in the past. I’d rather be using mussinex or Thera flu. At least with those options I can sleep through the night. This seems to make my cough worse."

Willamina February 1, 2018

For Cough: "I had been coughing for several days. After seeing the Dr they wrote a prescription for Guiaiatussini/codeine syrup. I had not slept in days. The first day I took it as prescribed, every 5 hours. I felt no effect of the codeine and my cough became more productive. The second nite I increased my dose from 5ML to 10ML. 10 minutes after taking it I couldn’t stop coughing. It isn’t helping and I’m going another nite without sleep. We are going to set up a humidifier and see if that helps quiet the cough."

professional cougher January 26, 2018

For Cough: "Codeine ( or any narcotic) is the only thing that will give me any relieve from the post viral cough's that I constantly get. Unfortunately I have to take 10 ml to stop coughing and I go through the bottle too quickly. Main problem is that MD's are reluctant to prescribe due to the opioid crisis. I don't like taking narcotics, but the two 10 day steroid courses, multiple inhalers and neurontin have not done a thing"

Juando January 3, 2018

For Cough: "I’ve used this for 3 days now and it is not doing anything! I used dayquil today and had better results. I haven't been able to sleep through the night or even close with this. HORRIBLE stuff!!"

Merf 1 December 18, 2017

For Cough: "I've been taking this for 2 nights and can't sleep. Has relieved my cough during the night but still cough a lot during the day. I can't get better if I can't sleep. Will go back to Nightquill so I can sleep. This has been a waste of money."

TeeMuHatesFakeMeds December 10, 2017

For Cough: "I get bronchitis annually and have previously been hospitalized for it, so I know my medicine. This stuff is pathetic. I initially thought I had been given the wrong medication! Compared to this, OTC syrups work better at suppressing cough and letting me sleep. I returned the bottle to the pharmacy. It has no use in my home."

Max's October 8, 2017

For Cough: "This stuff usually works well for me when trying to suppress powerful cough. Took some one night, and helped for one hour. Coughing fits returned and thought my head was going to explode from pressure. Had no choice to try another dose. I had no other coughing fit that night."

Cdobler · Taken for less than 1 month September 7, 2017

For Cough: "Good medicine, had me cough free within 3 doses. Very low potential for abuse is always a good thing! As a medical professional this may be a great alternative to people who regularly get promethazine/codeine for cough."

Sleepless in San Antonio August 23, 2017

For Cough: "I was given this medication after battling a bad sinus infection for 3 weeks now. The med helped my cough for maybe the first day, afterwards I have been dealing with bad headaches and going on two days without sleep. Needless to say, after going to the doctor numerous times I'm still coughing (dry cough), sore throats, chest congestion & painful chest due to all the coughing at night. Looking forward to a quick recovery soon. I'm on my 2nd dose of steroids and antibiotics, I need relief!!"

Coughing all night May 18, 2017

Cheratussin AC (codeine / guaifenesin) for Cough: "This stuff did not work at all!!! :( I needed sleep due to coughing all night and all this did was keep me wide awake."

Torybird February 26, 2017

Cheratussin AC (codeine / guaifenesin) for Cough: "I was coughing and vomiting so much, I had to go to urgent care. I'd been vomiting so much, I knew when my Dr also prescribed pepsid and zolfran. I still can't eat, but I've been hydrating with water, broth and Popsicles! This medicine works well, especially in together with those other two, based on my cough with vomiting. I also took some Tylenol to deal with the pain in my neck and shoulders."

akenzie10 · Taken for less than 1 month February 22, 2017

Virtussin A/C (codeine / guaifenesin) for Cough: "No better than over the counter cough syrup..."

T_Ghosh · Taken for less than 1 month February 14, 2017

For Cough: "I had been up all night coughing. I took only 2.5 ml of the syrup because I was nervous about codeine. It helped quite a bit. I didn't cough as much. However, I do have a headache in the morning, but it could be a reaction to guaifenesin also."

bnm4evaneva January 28, 2017

Cheratussin AC (codeine / guaifenesin) for Cough: "Cough medicine did not help my cough at all, I was coughing all night long, my chest and stomach hurts from all the coughing I am doing."

Anonymous___ · Taken for less than 1 month January 13, 2017

Robitussin-AC (codeine / guaifenesin) for Cough: "I tried this for the first time and it kinda worked I am still coughing a little but not as much. I do still kinda taste it in my mouth which is weird but I would use again if it was the only medicine I had but I will be looking for a new medicine."

ManiV January 1, 2017

Robitussin-AC (codeine / guaifenesin) for Cough: "This is an amazing product"

Coughy · Taken for less than 1 month December 26, 2016

Iophen-C NR (codeine / guaifenesin) for Cough: "Been incredibly frustrated with a virus that turned ugly and a strong , intense cough that caused pulled muscles, raw throat and coughing up blood . This drug was prescribed with decongestant, and antibiotics. I still cough occasionally, but this is a huge improvement from the intense non stop barking cough, and gave my chest a chance to heal."


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