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User Reviews for Debrox to treat Ear Wax Impaction

Debrox has an average rating of 2.4 out of 10 from a total of 12 ratings for the treatment of Ear Wax Impaction. 17% of those users who reviewed Debrox reported a positive effect, while 83% reported a negative effect.

Debrox Rating Summary

2.4/10 Average Rating

12 ratings from 13 user reviews

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Reviews for Debrox

Jay El · Taken for less than 1 month February 7, 2021

“Please do not buy. I thought I might have some buildup in my ears, so I bought this stuff. I used it for about a week, nothing ever came out. But now I’ve had constant discomfort and occasional pain in my ears ever since using. Absolute garbage. I’m going to have to see an ear doctor now. Please listen to this and other 1 star reviews, it’s not worth it to try this. If you feel you legitimately need help with your ears, you should check with a doctor.”

1 / 10
Koala Blu November 23, 2020

“I went to the ER yesterday after losing hearing in both ears. The Dr. gave me a script for prednisone, a referral to an ENT & told me to try Debrox. My hearing was better when I woke up today, probably due to the prednisone, but after using Debrox I’ve lost it again, & this time worse. It’s Thanksgiving week & the ENT the Dr. referred me to is on vacation so now I have to find another one. I’m so angry. Do not use this stuff. Ever. Would rate a zero if possible.”

1 / 10
Kk · Taken for less than 1 month November 19, 2020

“Used the product Debrox and my ear has been ringing for 2 days now 10/10 pain this product may lead to a living nightmare for some people.”

1 / 10
C.J. · Taken for less than 1 month September 8, 2020

“I regret using Debrox. I get occasional build-up in one of my ears so I decided to try it out. After 1 day, I'm still having issues hearing out of the ear I put it in. Big annoyance. They should explicitly put some warnings of these side-effects on the box so people are aware before using. Hopefully my hearing comes back soon.”

1 / 10
EarAche · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 5, 2020

“Don't use this product Debrox. Ever since I've used it I keep on getting recurring aching and pain that's comes and goes. I recommend buying am ear irrigation syringe. Much more safe than this stuff. DO NOOOOT”

1 / 10
Ear May 27, 2020

“I have issues with wax in my ears all the damn time and every single time I am condescendingly told to use this ridiculous product that does absolutely nothing but make things worse. I was deaf for two weeks and had to take medication in 2018 because of this drug, as I should've gone to get the wax removed yet the debrox had to have given me an ear infection. I sit here now with it in my ear reluctantly and once again it is not working. Screw this drug it should be removed from shelves”

1 / 10
mike c May 8, 2020

“I was advised to use Debrox by my friend who is an audiologist as a way to treat my impact wax during the COVID-19 pandemic... I used it once and let it sit in my ear for several minutes before dumping and rinsing with water. It did slightly loosen some of the wax in my ear, but at the cost of extreme discomfort and (hopefully temporary) mild hearing loss. I genuinely feel as though I need to go and see an ENT, which would be extremely frustrating with my work schedule and the current pandemic. I'm hoping my hearing will naturally restore over the next day, but if not I will go see an ENT. I DO NOT recommend this product, the ends did not justify the means.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month July 21, 2019

“I used Debrox to try and help with ear wax and became almost totally deaf. People had to shout directly into my ear to hear. I decided to go to the ENT and had the wax removed. My ear got plugged up again and I used Debrox again for 4 days in a row. First I tried 2 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 15 minutes, and finally 30 minutes and my ear was still plugged. Each time I flushed it 6 times. My ear became more and more plugged each time I used Debrox. Finally to save going to the ENT again, my wife unplugged it with an ear wax pick.”

2 / 10
Lexie · Taken for less than 1 month August 12, 2018

“The first time I did this I only had minor hearing loss - Debrox TOTALLY clogged my ear. I flushed and became discouraged. Decided to try the next morning with the SAME RESULTS even with a shower, this time I kept Debrox in 20 minutes. I’m writing this review because this morning I left it in for 30 minutes and it took maybe 20-30 flushes of my ear before a HUUUUUGE clump of wax just plopped out into the sink. It takes time and patience. But I decided I’d do it over the weekend when the doctors office was closed and call doctor Monday if needed. Now — I don’t have to! Works great if you remain persistent.”

8 / 10
W. B. April 12, 2017

“I would not buy this product ever again. After applying drops as instructed I have lost hearing in that ear. I now have to go to an ear specialist to see what the problem is and if it can be restored.”

1 / 10
msnana04 · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 20, 2016

“hi i used this ear wax removal Debrox and know I cant get rid of the ringing first in one ear, now in both this is relly bothering me and I don't know what to do about the ringing HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

1 / 10
Jedd September 10, 2014

“I used it two days and while it removed ear wax. I began noticing that the next morning my ears ringing. I stopped using the product and the ringing has worsened.”

KARL H September 14, 2011

“Works very well. I find that chewing gum while using this helps out a lot. Chewing gum opens up your ear canal. I use it once every other week. ”

10 / 10

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