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User Reviews for Caffeine

Also known as: Vivarin, Diurex Ultra, Caffedrine, 357 HR Magnum, Overtime, NoDoz, Jet Alert Regular Strength, Jet Alert Double Strength, Jet Alert Maximum Strength, ConRx Alert, Pep-Back ReCharge, Pep-Back Peak Performance, Keep Alert, Stay Awake, Verv, Alert, Stat Awake, Stay Alert, NoDoz Maximum Strength, Wakespan, Lucidex, Diurex Maximum Relief Water Caps, Pep-Back Ultra, Cafcit, Enerjets, Fastlene, Keep Going, Molie, Valentine …show all brand names

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
3 reviews 145 medications
19 reviews 29 medications
Summary of Caffeine reviews 7.5 22 reviews

Reviews for Caffeine

I’m good now May 8, 2019

NoDoz (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "Definitely would not recommend taking this product. I had to call an ambulance because I thought I was going to die of a heart attack very bad for your health"

Gabe · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 2, 2019

NoDoz (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "Take this before a concert or a long shift if ya tired. Lasts about 4 hours, Wouldn't take it any later than 7pm if you want to sleep. "

agirlnamshirl May 22, 2018

Vivarin (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "I took Vivarin almost every day for over 15 years, close to 21 years. I didn't realize that I was suffering from hypothyroidism. All I knew was that I had the normal energy that I was missing. I finally started taking 1/2 tablet because a whole tablet was causing my heat to flutter. Soon I was taking 1/4 of a tablet and finally I had to quit taking them. After all those years, I am suffering with a damaged heart, heart arrithym (AFIB), tachycardia, and congestive heart failure. I have no blockages in my arteries, just a damaged heart and the baggage."

GA · Taken for 5 to 10 years April 7, 2018

Vivarin (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "Highly recommended. With being a mom and sole provider for my children, my work schedule has consisted of working 6-7 days straight for the past 6 1/2 years. From the overwhelm of stress of working in the field of healthcare, in addition to multi-tasking a crazy, busy life being mom to three sons, I cannot express enough how thankful vivarin has impacted my life. Between weight controls and working so much, there’s no time outs for excercise. Especially, with my currently enrolled in school pursing my bachelors degree for Healthcare Administration. Vivarin has definitely help me in every aspect to accomplish my goals."

Youmu March 13, 2018

For Asthma: "Caffeine is better than nothing and if it doesn't give you insomnia or jitters, it's probably helpful for us asthmatics to have a daily cup of coffee or tea. However, I can't say that it's overly helpful and I certainly don't think it should be used before an actual asthma medication."

Brodavid · Taken for 10 years or more December 24, 2017

For Asthma: "When you have migraine headaches and you're given Imitrex you only allowed to take 2 per day & that's only 9 pills per month under the Medicare rules, When you have no Imitrex my doctor told me to take 800 mg of ibuprofen brand name Advil and Motrin and take one 200 mg caffeine pill at the same time and that got rid of the headaches when I didn't have Imitrex"

Mike st December 22, 2016

Vivarin (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "I drove from Las Vegas through Iowa. it is intense it works"

Jordyqwerty December 8, 2016

NoDoz (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "I've used NoDoz plenty of times in the past and would highly recommend to those the need a midday/afternoon energy boost for work or study. I would usually only take one tablet a day when I do use NoDoz and usually within 30min-1hrs I start to feel the results, keeps me awake, focused and energetic while on the job. There are some negatives with NoDoz though: -if you take them too often their effectiveness starts to wear off e.g you will still feel tired and not alert but you won't be able to sleep. -NoDoz can interrupt your sleep and keep you awake during the night -would alway recommended having plenty of water while using NoDoz otherwise you may start to feel dehydrated and may lead to headaches"

Tired Adrian · Taken for less than 1 month August 11, 2016

NoDoz (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "In the 8 hours of taking one tablet,i had about as many experiences of feeling i was going to have a stroke or heart attack.And you can buy in the supermarket,never again."

Orange is black · Taken for less than 1 month April 11, 2016

Vivarin (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "Very dry mouth nausea some foods I eat are 2 salty can't think overwhelmed can't sleep"

Anonymous. March 14, 2016

NoDoz (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "Never again will I take this medicine!! The recommended dosage isn't listed on the packet that contains two pills so of course I took both. I ended up with chest pains that lasted almost 6 hours, nauseated, sweating, headache an to top it off paranoid that I was overdosing and going to have a heart attack! I'll stick with coffee from now on, definitely don't recommend it!"

Younger than you would think November 17, 2015

For Hypersomnia: "I must say that viavarin has been a life saver. I only take one tablet at a time, could not imagine taking 2. It gives me approximately 4-6 hours of predictable energy. I feel when it kicks in and I know when I am coming down. If I have a long day I take one early and one later but I usually cannot sleep if I have 2 in my system. Being a really helps me focus. And personally I don't like the NoDoz, they take a longer time to kick in and thus, longer to wear off."

InfiniteBravery · Taken for 10 years or more September 16, 2015

Vivarin (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "Vivarin for my hypersomnia worked better than taking amphetamines for wakefulness."

InfiniteBravery · Taken for 10 years or more September 16, 2015

NoDoz (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "NoDoze (caffeine) for Hypersomnia actually works better for me than Amphetamines such as Adderall."

Dylan 10101 · Taken for less than 1 month February 22, 2015

Vivarin (caffeine) for : "Because I'm currently being treated for depression, anxiety, compulsive habits, and insomnia, my doctor didn't want to add ADHD medicine to the mix. I've had horrible anxiety along with my ADHD my whole life. Not to mention my insomnia, so it was very hard to tell whether the Vivarin worked for me. I would take it occasionally, and when I took it, it just made me even more anxious and jumpy. It could be the way the medication is realesed. But I must say, one cup of coffee or one monster, bam, I instantly have an elevated mood along with increased attention and concentration. I do get shaky but very minor. For anyone out there who is concerned about their ADHD, I definitely recommend experimenting with caffeine, it is very helpful."

ft mom · Taken for less than 1 month November 19, 2014

Vivarin (caffeine) for : "I took two pills and immediately had energy however I crashed hard. I had no energy the rest of the day."

kennyboy9 · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 18, 2013

NoDoz (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "I use it for fatigue. Break the pill in half, that's 100MG, like a good cup of coffee"

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month September 29, 2012

For Asthma: "This medicine works very well at reducing my asthma symptoms. However, it causes me to have tremors."

JROD24 · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 29, 2012

NoDoz (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "Great stuff. NoDoz really does work. Better than most stuff I've tried. Would definitely recommend."

HotLadyB1958 · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 16, 2012

NoDoz (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "NoDoz is the only medicine I can take that helps with my periodic fatigue and sleepiness during the day. One pill around 10 a.m. gets me going to complete my most stressful job. I don't take daily but when I did, I could instantly see the difference."

Anonymous April 15, 2012

Vivarin (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "This is very effective. Sometimes, I only take half of one. Just remember to stop taking it about 6 hours before bedtime. Cheaper than energy drinks loaded with sugar. Easier on my tummy than coffee and it doesn't stain my teeth like colas. Caffeine is a diuretic so drink plenty of water to make you feel better all day."

Awaken Man September 18, 2011

Vivarin (caffeine) for : "Never got used to drinking coffee, my stomach could not really stand it and energy drinks did only go so long before their side effects started to kick in and affect my health. After the age of 25 I found myself being so mentally tired all the time and would take several hours to fully awake no matter how many hours I slept. I tried a travel size pack of Vivarin once at work and felt the difference right away, after only 10 minutes I was able to concentrate and finish what used to be my 2 hour paperwork in about 30 minutes. Have not had any side effects when I take it as it is described and there was no boost limit since it only woke me up! I would not recommend taking more than two pills at once or with any other caffeine product though!"

GeorgiaGirl January 22, 2011

Vivarin (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "I give Vivarin a seven for an OTC medication. I don't sleep well at all at night and I usually average 3-4 hours. I stay in pain so when my alarm goes off in the morning, it is much easier to put a tablet in my mouth along with my pain medication and reset the alarm for one hour later. When it goes off I feel much better for it has helped awaken me and the methadone had started to work for the pain. It doesn't upset my stomach as much as the No Doz. Then later if I want a cup of coffee and I have time to drink it I can but usually I don't have the time and I have to pop another Vivarin to keep me going."

franksgalnvr September 25, 2009

NoDoz (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "Gave me the speed jitters, irritable, and still tired and sleepy only now I'm grumpy too."

Anonymous April 7, 2009

NoDoz (caffeine) for Hypersomnia: "I love No-Doz (caffeine citrate). Way cheaper than red bull, easier on the stomach than coffee, no stained teeth or coffee breath."


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