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Zolpidem - If I take a 10 mg ambien and wake up 4 hours later can I take another one?

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Scubb 31 Dec 2020

I take 10mg before bedtime on empty stomach. I wake up 3 hours later and use another 10 mg tablet one. I break it in half and put it under my tongue to dissolve then wash it down my throat with water. I am asleep again in 15 minutes. My total sleep time is usually 7 hours. I have not had any adverse effects .

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Remyman57 26 April 2018

How many ambient can you take within a five hour period?

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Lorelle59 22 Dec 2013

Sometimes I have the same problem . If it is before 3:00 am I go ahead and do it. That way I don't feel yucky the next day. Have y tried taking you 10 mg at least 2-3 hours after dinner? Ambien works wonder on an empty stomach. If you need a little bedtime snack... Do it an hour after. This works great for me. Good luck

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Suzybelle 2 Dec 2013

You are not sopossed to... do you have problems falling back asleep? I use ambien cr... it helps me sleep the whole night. Your body gets used to ambien... I been on it for years... which then you need more to be able to fall asleep. And once you run out... before you can refill your priscription... then you start playing the sleeping pill game with your doctor... insurance won't pay for i if it is not within a few days... unless the doctor calls in a smaller doze or ambien cr.

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Inactive 29 Nov 2013

If your script is for one 10 mg then that is all you can take. It is unfortunate that ambien usually only works 4 hrs, for many people, but you can't take more. Let your doctor know ambien isn't working for you and she/he may try you on another sleep med.

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kaismama 29 Nov 2013

Did your Dr prescribe it that way? It would be too much. You're not even supposed to take thhe first one unless you have 7 sleep.

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marketbox 24 June 2018

You're suppose to "reserve" 7-8 hrs sleep before taking the medication. No one knows how long they'll sleep before taking a sleeping pill. free discount card

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