I was looking up online on some bodybuilding forums and some people said that you can't take arginine or valine with Zoloft.

I also went to a chemist / pharmacy and asked if I could take amino acids with Zoloft and they said it was fine. They didn't tell me I couldn't take Phenylanine or Tryptophan with the medication even though it said on the paper you get with the medication. So if they thought I could take the Phenylanine and Tryptophan with the medication then they have no clue about what I can take with the meds.

Can anyone help me please. The chemist told me it was fine to take amino acids yet it states on the medication paper that I can't take tryptophan or phenylanine with them.

On the peice of paper which I got with the medication. It doesn't say I can't take arginine or valine or tyrosine, yet when I research those certain amino acids. There are lots of articles and information saying they interact or block or produce more of the serotonin effect's of the medication.

I need some help please..
Thanks in advance !