I've been on Amitriptyline for quite a few years now, 150mg. I switched for another AD in February because it seemed to not work anymore (I was very anxious) and I suffered like hell from indigestion, nausea, night sweats... And they all went away when my GP put me back on Amitriptyline, 75mg, mid-March.

My severe anxiety also crept its way back.

By mid-April, I started to belch a little more than usual and several day later I was suffering from indigestion again. My GP put me on Zoloft in addition to Amitriptyline.

100mg for the first week: hell. Just literally hell. Acid reflux as soon as 2mn after my first pill. It seems to be better when taken with food.
150mg for the second week: Indigestion got better to the point that it doesn't make much sense anymore (symptoms keep on switching). I still belch, although a bit less I think...

Buuut when I started 150mg, something else appeared: a big painful lump in my throat. Food stuck on it. I had a hard time swallowing past it. The lump did get worse when I was more anxious about it.
It eventually went away and now I'm left with a very tight throat. I choke on bread or pasta. It gets stuck in the bottom of my throat and behind my chest. I feel my oesophagus cramping, and even my stomach.

I am terribly, horribly frightened. I don't know if it's a common issue with the drug, or my anxiety (which is still at its worst) or an escalation of my indigestion/belching, i.e. oesophagus cancer. No amount of anxiolytic calms me down. Nothing works. I'm dead sure I'm going to die (pun intended).

Is reflux or choking on food something from Zoloft or should I write my will?