I developed severe anxiety last May and my docs said the amitriptyline wasn't working for me. I began taking it 7 years ago for migraines that wouldn't go away and it worked except for having to increase dosage after trying to come off and couldn't. I got myself down to 10 mg 6 days ago and feel so ill. Anxiety is sooo bad, insomnia, nausea, dizzy, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, flu like pain, chest pain, very little appetite etc. I can't go out nevertheless get out of bed for long. I've been slow tapering decreasing by 10 mg per month until 20, I went about 3 weeks and thought I took the pills before going to sleep and found them on the floor the next morning. So I had 0 in my system for 48 hours then went to 10. My doc said she wants me on generic zoloft and to start taking it now. What about serotonin syndrome! I know it's a possibility and feeling so ill I don't know what to look for if I was to get it. The anxiety has made it difficult to take any pills because of the side effects. I was given a drug in the hospital that was supposed to calm me and I shot to the roof. My question is should I go to the hospital for help getting off the rest of this god awful drug and they can observe and help me get onto zoloft? I can't take it anymore. Please help me