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Can you take Naproxen 500 MG with Ibuprofen 600 MG ?


kaismama 16 Dec 2015

Absolutely not. They are the same kind of pill and you should not mix them.

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juliew706 16 Dec 2015

Thank you so so much

JPQBodine 5 Aug 2016

While I agree you should not take these together, they are not the "same kind of pill".
One drug naproxen and the other drug ibuprofen are two completely different types of medication. While they are both NSAID's, naproxen is a drug that works slower than ibuprofen, but in the end will offer longer-term relief compared to the short-term benefit of ibuprofen. Furthermore, it’s much better at targeting muscle tissue inflammations, pain that could be caused by a sprain, arthritis, or strained muscles. Naproxen is therefore best used after a long workout at the gym, a hike, or for sore muscles before bed for best effect. Naproxen goes easiest on your heart, so if you have a history of heart attacks it is better to use than ibuprofen. free discount card

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