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Please can you let me know what the drug 'Truabin' (prescribed in Cuba) is called in English? Thank?


mbeltre 3 Aug 2018

Is called Neurobion

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masso 27 March 2017

What is the active ingredient?

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MedicationForCuba 27 March 2017

100 mg thiamine
100 mg pyridoxine
5 mg cyanocobalamin
I live in the UK and would be buying the meds in the UK
Thanks so much for your help

masso 27 March 2017

Click on the links:

I do not quite well understand, you are buying each separetely or they all come as an active ingredient?, otherwise it is a b1, b6 and b12 vitamin complex.

MedicationForCuba 27 March 2017

They all come as an active ingredient in the one med called Truabin. Is there an equivalent med in the UK that contain these active ingredients in those dosages?

masso 27 March 2017

I am not in the UK, I suggest you talk to a Chemist.

Eduardo Reyes 25 Sep 2018

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