My Doctor stopped me from taking any medications containing aspirin before I had a colonoscopy done by her. Now I have to have another colonoscopy because she did not feel prepared to take out more than the three polips she did. there are more and she referred me to a surgeon who will make another to see if he can do it without an operation. She discontinued mu use of Melatonin because it is a blood thinner. Is this correct. The new Doctor is innaccesible and his sec said to take it and when I told her of the other Doctor then she said that I shouls stop it. Does anyone know if Melatonin can affect during an operation on an invasive procedure where bleeding is present? I cannot sleep at all without this medication so it stands for 7 days of 2 hrs of sleep which adds a lotof stress to the already stressful situation.Thanks u. Elsie Medin