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What soft foods can you eat before a colonoscopy?


DzooBaby 18 Sep 2014

You usually need to avoid anything with red or purple food coloring too so if one is taking clear liquids, no red or purple jello or juices.Usually docs will give you a list of things you can eat. Clear liquids are black or green tea (no creamer), black coffee (again no creamers) chicken broth (like bullion) jello, juices, gatorade-things like that. Soft foods are puddings, mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, oatmeal, stuff that doesnt need chewing. I have seen some docs order a soft diet for a few days, then the day before is clear liquids. This type diet is so your bowel prep works better to clean you out well so they can see better when they scope. A regular diet has particles that are harder to eliminate so that is why they order softer foods.

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kaismama 18 Sep 2014

Generally they tell you clear liquids the day before. Things like tea, black coffee, jello, apple juice, etc. If they told you soft foods, that is things like mashed potatoes, apple sauce, pudding, jello.

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