Okay , so I've made multiple posts here about yellow discharge and what could be the cause. I am free of STDs, got checked for BV and Trich yesterday, apparently am negative for both.

Since then, I had been putting toilet paper down in my underwear to track the coloring on my discharge . It always appeared yellow for almost 2 months now.

Since finding out I'm free of BV and Trich (assuming the test was accurate),
I noticed yellow discharge again this morning. Instead, I did something i haven't done before - i wiped the discharge off of the toilet paper with my finger to see what it would look like.

It was white and clear on my finger .. but yellow on the toilet paper?! And I was wondering why this is? Does all "normal" discharge appear yellow on toilet paper? And white on your finger or elsewhere ?

And if its normal why does the discharge appear yellow on the toilet paper but white and clear on my finger?

If its not normal what could it be? I am going for a pap smear soon so they should be able to tell me more and thinking of getting checked for a yeast infection.

Although the discharge is thin, and smells musty, doesn't smell fishy. I don't get pain while urinating, and i don't itch in that area.

Thank you !