I have noticed that when I take my Xanax, I clean, get organized, able to make phone calls, and get so much accomplished throughout the day. If I don't have any Xanax, It takes everything in me to clean, do the laundry, etc. I imagine this is from maybe a chemical imbalance in my brain. I only know of one other person who cleans on them, as well. Other than her, do you know if Xanax has this effect on others? I don't care for the short-term memory loss that is a side-effect with this med. Is there any other medication (I have not found any other medicine yet that has this same effect for me) or herbal remedy or over the counter med that may have the same effect for me so I don't have to rely on the Xanax to make me do "everyday chores"? I talked to my therapist about this. She suggested that perhaps, with my anxiety, without the med, I am too overwhelmed to know where to begin, so I don't. But, I have taken Valium and it just relaxes me and doesn't give me that desire to clean my house, make appointments, send out job app's, etc. I have a husband who doesn't understand how the Xanax would make me so organized. He feels I should do this automatically. Needless to say, it's a touchy subject. Because it's a constant battle to get me to "functional" when I am out of my medicines. Any suggestions or advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Also, I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder which I am prescribed Wellbutrin. PS. I had to take a Xanax to write this question and have noticed my heart is racing as I type. If I had not taken a Xanax, I wouldn't even had considered coming to this site, let alone, asking my first question. Thanks again.