on the xanax to get any sleep. Over the years Ive needed them just to live a normal life, like others. I suffer badly from multiple P.T.S.D. The last couple years Ive found that Ive needed to increase the dosage. I have a huge dependancy on the meds, I have terrible with drawels. Seizures,no sleep and other bad probs with out the medicine. I beg someone who can please tell me how to quit them. Like I said, 20 years now. Before xanax I took valium. They dont have any effect on me now as Ive tried to find a few ways to get away from pills. Ive been on meds since the age of 7 and Im 49 now. Is there hope? Anything that is safe to switch to. Ive recently tried discussing this with my mental health doc. and now Im afraid she may just stop me all together. Thats more fear than I can handle. Is there anything that can help me/another drug perhaps? Xanax is a bad drug. I say this ONLY because I know what its done to me. Appreciate any help! Would love to share with anyone else needing help. Thanks!