sorry for the long story, but I'm freaking out here.. please help me.
firstly, im a male..
i went out to a party last weekend and got pretty drunk. but this was different because i completely blacked out... my idiot friend confessed to me, that he rooffied all 3 of our drinks for fun (3 friends).. (flunitrazepam 2 mg pill in each stiff vodka)... I've never blacked out in my life.. and i tend to drink a lot..
even though most of the night after the roofie, is blacked out, one of the only things i remember is falling down and bashing my knee and elbow.. so i guess that pain made the experience convert into a long term memory. (i have bruises so this happened)..
The thing that i'm suspicious about is that i woke up on a bench away from the party.. and i left with people that i supposedly knew, but i cant remember for the life of me. (neither can my friends because they were roofied too)..
the only other memory i have is a guy telling me to get out of his car. (he dropped me off close to my house, this could have been a cab- prepaid by someone because i had the same amount of cash in my pocket, from when i was coherent)... i remember walking to a nearby bench and passing out.. so 2 memories, falling and bashing myself, and being kicked out of a car..

so to stop beating around the bush... my question : if someone had anally raped me that night, I'd assume that i was in a state that i would remember something THAT tragic, and crazy right?? (like the painful fall and the embarrassing kick out of the car)... being raped would hurt badly and I'd remember it in fragments, like the 2 other memories.. right??? the roofies were taken at 3:30am and i woke up at 8:00 am... i must have passed out on the bench for a good 2-3 hours..
the alarming thing is, 3 days after the party, and i have an irritated anus... i eat loads of spicy foods (habanero sauce, cayenne pepper) and i remember having pure toxic diarrhea for the next couple days... please remember, the "chapped feeling" came days after the party, so it could be the diarrhea.. the two days before, my anus felt normal. (i have a history of hemorrhoids too). the chapped feeling is on the outer part of the anus.. there is no internal pain whatsoever.. my clothes looked fine too. no signs of ripping, or a chilling inside out boxer...
so... am i worrying for nothing??? i've nearly got into a fight with the friend that roofied me over all this stress.. i have many social circles. so not all my friends know each other... so its possible that i left with a friend that was annoyed with how trashed i was and kicked me out...
please give me your honest opinions... i didn't know where else to go.