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Is moderate use of alcoholl (wine,vodka,etc.) a problem while taking Xarelto?

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blueazure4 5 Feb 2022

20mg a day Xarelto for reoccurring DVT from FVL. I have asked this question to my primary doc, hematologist, and pharma company and get mixed answers, with some saying "never" and other stating "in moderation".

It seems like there is no definitive answer. I miss drinking wine.

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Junky774 1 Feb 2018

Can I drink alcohol Once a week, moderate use and be ok while on plavix?

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Debi48 29 June 2017

Is it safe to drink alcohol while taking xarelto with a pacemaker like congnac and coors light beer I'm only a weekend drinker

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CAMARENACJ 25 Sep 2017

I would also like to know the answer. I am currently on 20 MG once a day due to a Deep Trombosis that was created after a long international flight.

bruxy 24 April 2017

Well I am a 69 years old recently diagnosed with AFIP. I am very discipline person when it comes to taking medication and or follow Drs instruction. I was prescribed Xarelto. My Dr said drinking alcohol and coffee can increase the AFIP episode. Now Listen they are not telling you don't drink, they are telling to take it easy unless you are an alcoholic person, a drink here and there will not bother it trust me. I drink Vodka Martini, and beer, and Margareta. What I noticed is this when I drink more than 2 drinks next day my AFIP going a little wild, however again when I have a drink here and there I have no issues at all. So enjoy your wine with your meal. Remember every person is different.

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peterjune 30 Nov 2014


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DemoninDC 24 March 2012

All medical personnel will tell you that you should not take alcohol with any drugs. That being said, you will need will need to listen to what your body is telling you. I am in a similar situation as you and so far there has not been any problem. My hematologist, one of the top in the country, knows and has not made a big deal about it. You picked my two favorite types of drink. Cheers.

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paulcare 25 March 2012

I have been told to stay away from alcohol since it can cause an afib episode. In the beginning I refrained from all alcohol but now have started to have a few every now and then. So far so good but I am not pushing it. It's a bummer though. I am on sotalol.

geraldreds 18 Nov 2012

I had the same question, called the consumer number for the drug company, Bayer Health Care and spoke with their clinical rep. Was told that in trials there was no indication that alcohol was an adverse factor for
Patients taking Xarelto.

I also asked, since I have two glasses of wine with the evening meal, would it be alright to take the 20 mg in the morning, asone had done with coumadin for 5 years to separate the alcohol intake and the drug? I was told no, Xarelto at the 20 dosage must be with the evening meal.

The paradox was that on getting the prescription filled, the accompanying literature on taking Xarelto indicated ... daily use of alcohol will increase the risk of stomach bleeding. Limit or avoid alcohol use. I called the drug company back and spoke with someone else in their clinical side, and received the same guidance that the trials indicated no adverse relationship.


I have tried Pardoxa, had severe gastric pains, went back to coumadin, now the cardilogist wanted me on Xeralto, but I just don't feel comfortable on it. I am 73 but walk and hike alot, and Xeralto appears to increase the arthritic pain in the knees as well as more fatigue, may be mental, but after 5 years on coumadin and adjusting well to it, seriously thinking about going back to it.

usmcorps 16 Nov 2014

I am past 82 years of age and had AFIB for about 15 years. Was put on Warafin till Pradaxa was approved and started Pradaxa 150 MG twice daily and was very happy with it as I had my two glasses of red wine with my evening meal and did not have any side effects that I related to it. I did have bleeding episodes because I have a very large stone in my left kidney that the Dr believes is the cause since he also looked into my bladder several times in over a year and nothing was found. I was getting my Pradaxa from the West Palm Beach VA but moved to Tampa and the VA here will not give Pradaxa to me because of my age even though they have no study of the continuance of Prada over 80. I told them to use me as a study but they said no. They started me on Xarelto 20 MG with the eve meal once a day. The first was last eve so I need to see how it reacts. I am going to take my wine with the meal as I did when on Pradaxa. I will let you all know what happens. Hell, I can't be without my wine. free discount card

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