Hi there,

I'm extremely anxious about falling pregnant. However, I've been on the combined 21-day birth control pill for nearly 4 months, so I know my chances are very slim, but I cannot seem to shake the anxiety. It's really getting me down.
I was wondering if you have any advice on how to stop worrying so much and how to be able to trust my birth control? my boyfriend has never ejaculated inside of me, so my only worry is pre-ejaculate, but I'm extremely worried incase my pill won't cover me from that.

During my previous 7 day pill break I got my period as normal like usual and during this current month we have only had sex ONCE without a condom using the pull out method, but apart from that any other time we had sex during this month we did use a condom, so would have my pill covered me that one time? Even from any pre-ejaculate? YES I know pulling out isn't a good form of birth control you don't have to remind me.

I have 7 pills left of this month's pack and i know I won't be able to settle until I get my period. I take my pill every day at the same time, and have never missed one ever since I've started it, I have also never took any medications or anything that could affect my pill.

Please I'm really worried and I just want to know what are my chances of being pregnant? I just need reassurance, no rude comments please.