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Will suboxone give a false positive for opiates on a urine drug screen test?

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Anonymous 22 Jul 2010

It should not, it only shows as bupenorphine. I have had the quickie tests and the mail off kind and it never showed as anything but bupenorphine. The reason is because it is a partial agonist and I don't fully understand that myself. If the test had a panel for bupenorphine, that is what it should have come up as. Drug tests can be very inaccurate and anyone who comes up positive for something they didn't take should ask to retest with a test from a totally different batch of tests, or offer a blood sample.

jcain9 30 May 2012

YES! Suboxone is comprised of two different drugs, buprenorphine and naloxone. Oxycodone tests look for a metabolite called Noroxymorphone. The problem is, one of the metabolites of Naloxone is Noroxymorphone as well. This is a little studied fact that users of Suboxone CAN show positive for Oxycodone as well. It appears that Noroxymorphone can be detected in the body after taking Naloxone for between 2-5 hours after absorption. Suboxone is taken sublingually, under the tongue, and Naloxone is poorly absorbed sublingually. The problem is that many Suboxone users are swallowing the mouth full of liquid (Suboxone, saliva) after the buprenorphine is absorbed. Since the Naloxone is not well absorbed under the tongue, it is absorbed after swallowing!! A friend of mine just tested positive for the Oxycodone metabolite Noroxymorphone and he has been taking only Suboxone. A solution to this problem may be to raise the cutoff level for Noroxymorphone in Oxycodone tests.

lulu0420 16 Oct 2013

yes... just happened to me... although i tried to pass a drug test for my sub doctor using fake piss with a piece of a sub dissolved in it. i tested positive for oxy, and had to cop to it because i was afraid of getting it sent out to the lab and that they would be able to tell it wasn't real piss. luckily my doc is straight and gives everyone that comes up dirty one pass. he just tests you a lot more often than he normally would. i'm going in tomorrow just to get drug tested, so i had to find a sober person and feed them a sub and piss for me a few hours later for tomorrow's test.

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