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Will Soma show up in Drug Test?

This question has also been asked and answered here: Does Soma show up in drug testing?

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mschris38 22 Sep 2012


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shadyone19w 2 March 2012

really really doubt it if you arent abusing it. i actually just took a hair follicle and urine test for court, real court, and i had been prescribed vicodin and tramadol and also had taken soma within the past 90 days. None of them showed up not even on the urine test. I didnt "abuse" any of these drugs and never had but it really made me wonder how much people have to take to get caught.

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RUDYRX 21 June 2010

My answer to your question is that It is extremely unlikely. And here is the reason. Soma is a first cousin of a drug called Meprobamate that was developed by Wallace Labratories in the late 1940's and early 1950's and sold for many years on prescription under the brand name of Equanil as an anti-anxiety agent. Soma IS NOT related to barbiturates as one person answered, but is in a distinctly different class of drugs known as the carbamates. Most drug screens that are done for employment reasons are designed to pick up illegal street drugs such as Heroin, (however Vicodin and others in the opioid family and legally prescribed will give a positive result, as will poppy seeds in breads or foods), marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine. These drug screens are a "quick and dirty" screen that can often give false positives.


With Soma being in a completely different class and chemically unrelated to these main 4 groups plus the fact Soma is the only drug in use today in this group that is still marketed and prescribed legally, I highly doubt it would be tested for unless your are asking this question in regards to other very sophisticated drug or specialized drug screens or test was being done, which are expensive. Then it could be tested for by request of the person conducting the test. So my answer is NO assuming you are asking in regards to an employment situation.
Employers use the least expensive test to screen for drug use and again are looking for these 4 main street or illegal drugs listed above.
Also if you have a legitimate prescription for Soma, and it were for some reason picked up on a drug screen, your question is moot, since legally prescribed drugs are exempt from drug screenings. Prior to testing, one is usually asked up front if they are taking prescription medications prescribed by a licensed medical person and what they are. Hope this helps answer your original question. RUDYRX

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fall queen 21 June 2010

RudyRX, you need to go and check your PDR, a little over a year ago I had a nieghbor who was moving, he asked me to help him out with some of the cleaning. Before I left he gave me a couple of Soma's. It was my day off and I wasn't planning on going anywhere, so I ate ONE! Yes, I am sure I had a reaction because I am on pain management, at least 12-15 hours later I was pulled over for swerving while driving. I wasn't particulary worried because my prescriptions say I can drive (using care) and one is an opiate, the other is a benzo. I was arrested for a DUI! The test came back with Soma and I was told right then and there that Soma is responsible for many car accidents.


Well, I ended up getting off but the moral of the story is they do show uo even on a five or seven panel test! They stay in your body for a considerable amount of time, they slow down your reaction time, your sense of danger and screw up your eyesight! (when under the influence) even all those hours later. Please don't give anyone advice RudyRX unless you have done your research, I could have killed a child, a bicyclist or even someone's beloved pet! God was with me that night! F.Q.

christineATU 21 June 2010

With all of it's side effects, I naturally assumed it would be a controlled substance. I was wrong. However, with these side effects, it should be controlled. I apologize for giving the wrong information.

"Soma may cause unusual symptoms that appear within minutes or hours of taking the medication. Symptoms reported include: agitation, confusion, disorientation, dizziness, double vision, enlargement of pupils, extreme weakness, exaggerated feeling of well-being, lack of coordination, speech problems, temporary loss of vision, and temporary paralysis of arms and legs. These symptoms usually subside within a few hours. If you experience any of them, contact your doctor immediately.

Soma may impair the mental or physical abilities you need to drive a car or operate dangerous machinery. Do not participate in hazardous activities until you know how Soma affects you.


If you have a history of drug dependence, make sure your doctor is aware of it before you start taking Soma.

Withdrawal symptoms, including abdominal cramps, chilliness, headache, insomnia, and nausea, have occurred in people who suddenly stop taking Soma."

Read more:

RUDYRX 21 June 2010

To Fall Girl: First of all-as a registered pharmacist why would you take something someone gave you without knowing about it? Perhaps you need to read your PDR. The PDR is a poor drug info source since it is published by drug compainies and is not used as a reference for professionals. My choices are "FACTS AND COMPARISONS" AND "EPOCRATES" as a pharmacist!
You said you are on pain meds also. If you had used your PDR and known about Soma you would reaize that it combined with opioids will cause a potentiated effect- thus the reason you were pulled over. The reason it showed up on your drug test is that you were pulled over in an intoxicated state, which is illegal in most states even though prescription drugs were involved. SO the police ran a more sophisicated screen like the one I did mention in my post. I rest my case!!! You can stick with your PDR, but next time don't take or talk about something you know nothing about other than your drug experiment on wheels. RUDYRX

fall queen 21 June 2010

Where did you come from? Shit if that is your attitude years ago I would have loved to have you for my pharmacist! I have seen people fall alseep or "nod" while standing up! Taking only Soma.Tell me is Methadone a street drug? 'cause duh Rudy it came up on my employment test! I think this person was asking a simple question and you lied to him and gave him the entire history of WLab's and yes you can get a positive on opiates if you eat about two loaves of bread/poppy seed buns to get a positive opiate. The problem with you need to try to be a little down to earth, alot of people here for sure have pain problems but alot have learned very correct and important things as a result of being directly affected by the drugs in question.


If they have street smarts it doesn't mean they do street drugs and yes I was intoxicated that night but I didn't even know! Are you sure you are not one of those "techs" that ring the prescriptions up? Why would a pharmacist even be on this site, feel free to answer back, I have books of stories too tell you. Fall Queen

nurseyart 2 July 2010

you must eat a ton of poppy seeds before they will show a false + on a drug test. keep that in mind.

christineATU 2 July 2010

Actually you do not need to eat a TON of poppy seeds to show a positive. Have you ever seen the show "MythBusters?" They put this "myth" to the test and the guys ate about 18 -20 (mini) lemon poppy seed muffins and showed positive for 3 days! Or is mythbusters a myth too?

christineATU 2 July 2010

Here's some Food For Thought regarding drug screens.

"Statistical Information About Drug Testing and Passing Drug Tests
Provided by HealthTech Inc".

According to R. Brookler, "Industry Standards in Workplace Drug Testing," Personnel Journal, (April 1992). Laboratories admit that urine tests are not always accurate. The manufacturers of all drug testing equipment acknowledge that all positive results should be confirmed with a more sophisticated test. The only acceptable drug confirmation test is the costly gas chromatography/mass spectrometer. Without confirmation by an alternative testing method, urine drug tests are not sufficiently reliable to hold up in court.


"Only 85 of the estimated 1,200 laboratories in the United States currently testing urine for drugs meet federal standards for accuracy, qualified lab personnel, and proper documentation and record-keeping procedures. Because private companies are not required to use certified drug testing labs, workers are being asked to put their job security in the hands of a drug test that has insufficient quality controls."

Even in labs that do meet the minimum standards, there is plenty of room for error. Your urine sample will change hands many times before its actual drug analysis, which increases the risk of mix-ups and errors. Also, the chemical reagents used in drug testing have a limited shelf life, which can cause "false positives". (A false positive is a sample showing a positive for drug metabolites when there are no metabolites in the person's system.)

Most states do not regulate the operations of urine drug test labs; in fact, some labs have fewer quality control regulations than restaurants. Your typical private employer may use any lab she/he chooses, which would most likely be the least expensive. Findings from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta stated: "... the labs somehow detected cocaine in as many as 6 percent, and amphetamines in up to 37 percent of urine specimens that were 'blank" (those containing no drugs at all)."

False positive results during drug testing run high and no laboratory process is completely free from error. False positives also occur at high rates reported from 4 percent to over 50 percent. The high prevalence of false positives insures that people who are accused by the drug test are not necessarily drug users. False positives can occur for a number of reasons including: improper laboratory procedures, samples getting mixed up, paperwork being incorrect or lost, passive inhalation (second-hand smoke), and cross-reaction with prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications.

lexus985 2 July 2010

"Fall Queen" The last I recall every single human has a right to their own opinion. I am sure "some" people may value Your "opinion", you should allow them to voice their opinion, without you being such a rude ass !!!

fall queen 2 July 2010

Right back at you. All this person wanted was a simple answer to a simple question. Soma will show up on a pre-employment drug test depending on the state you live in. There are states right now, who are pushing to make Soma a controlled substance as well as raising it's schedule because of the abuse potential. Even prescribed meds will show up on an employment test, however the lab will usually spaek to the job seeker before the reveal the result to the potential employer. I speak from experience. Please don't drag this question out forever, at some point you must stop beating a dead horse! Fall Queen

Lady Smith 2 April 2011

I need advice I was pulled over because I had a similar situation as the person the got a DUI for soma, I got pulled over for swerving and issued a ticket for a DUI. I also take sleeping medication (ambien) and had taken both right before I got in my car to drive. They took 2 viles of blood. I was wondering if anyone has any advice. Should I even bother with a lawyer or would it be a waste of money?

tray77 10 July 2011

will it show if your taking a drug screen at a substance abuse facility?are there test more sophisticated?it being soma...

GEM3233 1 April 2012

First of all..YES..Soma can be detected. I have been going to a pain clinic for 7 years now and trust me..if u are prescribed this med and you aren't taking it..they can detect that as well. Soma metabolizes into a narcotic so don't let anyone fool you;-) BTW..if you are a religious Soma "popper" you may eventually be needing a permanent can cause your bladder to shut down

Tanya S 29 June 2012

you are so right on it i used soma's and every other relaxer you can think of including all the pain pills i could get for my injury everything was prescribed i was on prescribed oxy and got arrested and i wasn't even driving it all comes out no matter what if they are so worried about taking it and testing dirty it might not be prescribed i know all about pills and street drug i am a recovering addict from a 29 year drug addiction and kicked all cold turkey good luck to y'all trying to figure out what will come out on your test :)

JangerousD 29 June 2013

I know for a fact it won't show on a five to six panel screen because I take them test randomly twice a week and I use soma and my test show negative every time along with Ultram FYI

lexus985 21 June 2010

Hi :) Soma (Carisoprodol HCL) has a first pass metabolite which is meprobamate ( a barbituric acid like substance). This "Can" trigger a positive EMIT screening test (urine) but will NOT likely be confirmed. So, to make it more clear, The Answer Is "NO"... Hope this helps you..

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fall queen 21 June 2010

Lexus985, instead of giving out stupid incorrect information you need to do your research first, this person may have taken only one or two and could lose a job because people like you just guess 50/50 if this answer is correct miss Lexus985 my advice is DON'T DRIVE!, and read before you type. Yeah it's me again Fall Queen

nurseyart 2 July 2010

only narcotics!!!

christineATU 2 July 2010

If they check only for narcotics and illegal substances, why is there a box you can check for Tramodol? It's neither illegal nor a narcotic.

christineATU 2 July 2010

Oh, and most importantly, anyone requiring a drug screen can write in ANY medication they want the person to be tested for. I know that for a fact.

lexus985 2 July 2010

I have done my research, When will you start?

christineATU 2 July 2010

If you're asking me, I'm holding the Ameritox report in my hand. Should I believe my lyin' eyes?

rumple 28 March 2011

Wow lexus you gave all those long words to someone who asked such a stupid question? You've gotta be kiddin me, does that make you feel smart?

roscoecole 12 April 2011

It seems everybody's trying to prove how smart they are by mentioning pharmacology, metabolites, etc. I do collections and avg 20+ per 14hr shift and the bottom line is what type of test is requested, these days employers can pretty much test for anything they want to. It just depends on liability, time, and money. That's the only REAL answer, if you have to pass - do your own research and if it's a UA - buy fake urine.

brightspot 17 Jan 2012

Actually, it DOES show up on a general drug screen. I have a scrip for it and am regularly tested by my doctor for medications I'm not prescribed as I am prescribed pretty strong meds anyway. It shows up every time. I'm just not sure how long it stays in the system.

christineATU 20 June 2010


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nurseyart 2 July 2010

only narcotis show positive on a drug test!!! but, there is a soma that has tylenol #3 in it. the bottle will say this on it. drug tests are only to check for illegal drugs, and narcotics. some check for alcohol and some check for nicotine.

christineATU 2 July 2010

You have GOT to be kidding me? Here is a list of what Ameritox screens for on their 12 panel. However, there are other tests that are more extensive depending on what the tester is willing to pay for:

matt74055 1 March 2011

when soma is matabalized in your body it produces the same chemical that is produced with valium and xanax. Also Some is a narcotic in about 12 states. I live in Oklahoma and here it is schedule 4. Federally it isn't a scheduled drug. I know this because I just called the pharmacy;-) best thing to do is go buy a drug test after eating some and see what happens!!

cdgreen 23 May 2018

"DEA Classifies Soma as a Schedule IV Controlled Substance. In December 2011, the Drug Enforcement Agency decided to federally control carisoprodol as a Schedule IV controlled substance under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA).Apr 5, 2012
Soma is federally regulated controlled substance, and is a dangerous drug when mixed with other drugs, especially benzodiazepines and opioids. I've failed many drug tests for barbiturates because I was taking soma because it is a metabolite of soma. A doctor told me that they are not really a muscle relaxer, but a sedative/hypnotic. free discount card

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