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Will Lorazepam cause weight gain ?


Inactive 22 July 2010

Just like a xanax will make you hungry so would the ativan for some reason benzos have a habit of making anything and everything taste gooood and make you hungry.

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Inactive 22 July 2010

Thus causing you not to watch your weight and eat and eat and eat dont let this medicine do this though you are the one in control so just be sure you watch your weight when on this medication.

StephanieAlice 25 July 2010

My psychiatrist told me that ANY type of sedative has the possibility of weight gain :( If you are at a reasonable dose (you could get by at a lower dose for a couple of days or weeks), you may want to ask your doctor if he or she can lower the dosage until you get used to the effects, making you more likely to control hunger when the dose goes back up.

Rajive Goel 22 July 2010

It could cause constipation as one of its side effects, which might lead to weight gain, it is recommended to seek medical advice for more accurate & professional info, hope this helps?

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