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Will a white oblong pill M365 make me nauseous or keep me awake?


Windchimes123 23 Aug 2016

Hi DWalley,
I think it is hydrocodone /Tylenol.
The dose is 20 mg of hydro and 325 mg of Tylenol.
Sleep - yes for two reasons 1-Tylenol can be used for sleep 2- the pain that you have has probably caused sleep deprivation. If the med is working then the relief of pain should make you doze off.

Nausea - it very well could. It's one of the higher listed side effects. You can help that by NEVER taking it on an empty stomach. Swallow it with at least 6-& ounces of water. I heard you may feel it's more effective by drinking water.
I'm not sure about that last part but it's still good to drink water.

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DWalley2016 23 Aug 2016

Thanks so much for your reply. Does this pill contain codine?

Windchimes123 23 Aug 2016

Codeine is an natural alkaloid from the opium poppy (morphine). Hydrocodone is a synthetic (man-made) medicine derived from codeine or thebaine, another alkaloid, also from the opium poppy. Hydrocodone is considered a stronger opiate analgesic than codeine.

shellybeans 23 Aug 2016

Yes eat, drink water Like Windchimes said! I can still experience it with the Oxycodone 15mg I am on so I have found that Nausene chewables or Dramamine, both at Walmart have helped the nausea free discount card

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