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Which is stronger, Dilaudid or Norco?

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18 Aug 2009

Norco"s are hydrocodone which is much weaker then dilaudid... Dave

18 Aug 2009

Dilaudid also known as Hydromorphone is a synthetic form of morphinewhereas Norco is Oxycodone.Dilaudid is evidently stronger as it comes in strenths of 2 to 8mg.However I have found that Dilaudid in its pill form did not work as good as Oxycodone taken orally.In its IV form Dilaudid is a far superior pain killer. You would have to take some of each to see which one works best for you.

oxyaaron 27 Sep 2010

norco is hydrocodone not oxycodone

Rnastaj2011 18 Dec 2011

This is wrong, brother, Yes Dilaudid is hydromorphone,, it is a synthetic analgesic. It is approx 8-10 times more potent than morphine. It comes in oral form 2,4,& 8 mg tabs which are instant release. It does also come in a extended release form, not sure of the mg or dosage. Norco IS NOT oxycodone, Norco is hydrocodone, which once metabolized by your body (liver kidney not sure which) but once into your system, hydrocodone metaboloizes into HYDROmorphone. The bioavailibility of oral dilaudid is very poor ( when the above says not works as good he is correct on that). He is also correct that the IV or injectable form of Dilaudid ( trade name) does work better, 1.1 mg of injectable Dilaudid is equal to approx 8mg of oral dilaudid. That should show you the poor bioavailibility with oral doses. Oxycodone is also a synthestic analgesic and is completely different than Hydrocodone ( Vicodin, Norco, Lortab, HP etc..) and HYDROmorphone.

12 Sep 2009

Hydromorphone(dilaudid) is 6 times stronger then hydrocodne(norcos) yes their a lot stronger!!! Dilaudid is a very very strong pain killer!!! Be careful when taking it i had a friend that was shooting thm up and he died off 12 mgs. Iv had realy bad times on that shit my self. I would stay with the hydros.

18 Dec 2009


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