Does a new, 30-day, handwritten prescription (by a different doctor) of a benzo (same drug, same dose & dosing sched) supersede a prescription that my former doctor called into the pharmacy less than 28 days ago? I have had both docs for a long time and I am just not going to see one anymore, the other is a specialist, that's why I had two doctors. The specialist took over all my health needs. Can I just go and get the prescription from him filled even though it is identical to what I have from the other doc? Insurance isn't a factor here either, I am self-pay on benzos b/c my insurance wont cover them. (I had original script called in and filled on the 8th, picked it up on the 16th of a 30 day month. (Today is day 24 from the date on my old bottle but I am not getting that refilled. Normally I would pick up on day 28.) I know this is kind of confusing but I have always thought that a handwritten script was like a trump card you could fill anytime so long as you are not doctor shopping. Thanks!